The tallest and shortest

John Isner (1985-; 2007; $20m; 6’10″/2.08m) and Jack Sock (1992-; 2011; $11m; 6’3″/1.91m) are playing Santiago González (1983-; 2001; $2m; 6’3″) & Édouard Roger Vasselin (1983-; 2002; $6m; 6’2″) for the final. The prize money is $426,010, which is good (singles are $1,231,245).

Isner’s nickname is little tree. This is the first time I see him playing doubles. Sock isn’t a small guy but next to Isner, he looks like a kid. Reilly Opelka (1993-; 2015; $3m; 6’11″/2.11m) is another American who’s an inch taller than Isner. Here are a few visibly memorable photos by the nets, two are Diego Schwartzman (1992-; 2010; $11m; 5’7″), I saw on Facebook:


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