Underwater headphone

Google ‘does Bluetooth work under water’ I get the following “Bluetooth does not work underwater. In fact, none of the wireless connectivities work under the water. The law of physics prevents it to do so.”

So be aware, how do you intend to use it – open ear wireless bone conduction headset ($89). For someone who walks in the pool, or do breaststrokes with their heads in the air, this device works, continuously.

1. When submerge, the connection is lost – can’t listening to books or news, but music, if you don’t mind the on again and off again.

2. I’m a lap swimmer (free style), breathe every four stokes on my right side. This turns out to be a little blessing because when I breathe, the right side (with the 3 buttons – receiver) surface hence reconnects again, however briefly.

3. The volume is low even I adjust to the fullest. It competes with the open space and other chatting walkers in the pool.

4. When I standing still and put my left (dummy side) into water while the right side remains in the air, the sound quality is ok, shutting out the chatters and the noise from my own strokes… which brings me to think, if the manufacturers design a new device with two dummy earphones, and putting the receiver high above the head/water, maybe this will work for swimmers or when submerge in the water.

5. I can’t do the flip turns now – it will fly off my head. I can’t push too hard off the walls – fly off too. Can’t jump into the pool…

Found my list toy [愉快]


昨天丢的. 想充电时才发现
电话去 回答 “没有”[凋谢]

俺物理不灵光 水是绝缘体 (?)
新鲜期一过 毛病就浮出水面
轻易掉: 不能翻身 也不能太用力推墙
小心翼翼的 慢慢的 … 还游啥泳呢?

今天游完 很开心 虽然不够快. 但能在20分钟 (20:57[捂脸])之内完成1,000 yard 还是开心🥳

心灵鸡汤 难怪运动员们 天天游 日日练的 [偷笑]

临走时 到前台试试运气
还没有问完 金发女伸手拿给俺

是喜是忧 只有俺自己知道 [捂脸]
听书是不行 只能断断续续听🎵

我有一个好主意喔[调皮] I’ve an idea 💡

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