Oui Wii

cimg4437.JPGOne of Kinglazy’s gifts is Wii.  It’s cool.  Trust me, coz I don’t play any video games.  From Nintedo’s Super Mario to XBox ..  I know lots girls (women) play, with passion, but to me, it’s waste of time, :)).  Now, although I dont have time to waste, but I like to play Wii .. sports.  Tennis, baseball (great that you get to bat all the time) … it’s all generic, wait till they get licenses for the major league sports, we might get to play FedEx, Sampras, Anna K, :).  I joked that now I can play tennis every day.  Kinglazy dryly commented, “Mom, you’re playing everyday.”  Ok, so I can play twice a day now, rain or shine.  Wii can do so much, soon it’ll do dinner and house cleaning too.

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