Her first match

cimg4521.JPGSlowpoke played her first match.  When I went to fetch her, arriving at 3:45pm, she’s serving for the match at 5:4, took first set with ease, 6:3.  Then the momentum changed – was I the curse?  The other girl started giving bad line calls .. and took the 2nd set at 6:4; and the 3rd at 6:3.  Both girls were exhausted.  They began the day at 9am, finished the last point at 4:47pm.  I was surprised at how few double faults did she have.

It’s tough one hour for me, watching your kid losing, especially when she should have won.  I sat motionless, but did find faults with the other girl, few calls were clearly wrong.  But it’s the experience Slowpoke has to learn, if she wants to play: part of the game.  Obviously she doesn’t have the mental strength the other girl has.  I know how intimidating to be out there alone, facing a friend or foe. The lunch was awful, according to her, (One other friend said other wise, lol ) “just some junk food, hot dogs, burgers ..”  Any pasta?  Yes there’s pasta, but tastes terrible…

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