Sheer force

Had a very physically demanding game, almost brutal: played an hour and half singles with Alex the assassin. It wasn’t fun to begin with, he hits as hard as he could from the first shot. We rarely had any point that’s more than 4 rallies. How boring could it be? I like to warm up slowly from the net, and then long rallies from the baseline. Will his next coach give him some hint for the proper way? It felt very coarse for the brute force took the finesse out of the game. I need to learn to say no from time to time – I was the fill in. We eventually started the game, I was up 2 love, and won the set at 6:4. The second set he won at 6:1. My back was very tender, but held out. What pleased me was no grunting at all, lol, and I took the set at first set point.
Alex is really a nice guy and I would always wonder if he’s sent by Golfer 🙂
Or should I load up life insurance?

To my left court, there was a little boy (perhaps only 3 or 4 years old) played like pro, and he barely cleared the net: his chin was at the top of the net. Lord, the next young gun in the working.

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