When can I switch to single hand backhand?

Martin had lesson at the Cunningham where I have been playing for the past 10 years or so on the weekend mornings. As family, we’ve there been couple of times for the New York Philharmonic with our neighbors few years ago. It’s bit windy but warm enough for out door tennis. Slowpoke chuckled when she saw so many players were greeting me, “mom, how many people do you know?” lol . . . it’s also first time they saw Slowpoke. When she took lesson, I played with Kevin the Aussie. It’s pretty intense one hour hitting. At the end, he said, “your back seemed holding up nicely.” What back? Do I have one? Oh the painful one. It never exists till it starts bothering me, lol.. After her lesson, Katie came back and they played for an hour. Katie’s mom is also non stop picking up balls, gosh … I must be the laziest mom around. While they were playing, Martha (?) kept telling Katie what to do, to a point when Katie stopped and told her mom to be quiet. Thank god I have enough self restrain, haven’t done so yet. But I do talk with her, in private. Especially when we drive to the lesson, I found it’s a good time to bring up the subject, we always have good chat. Obvious she hasn’t watched enough tennis to know all the terms, so when Martin commented that she has flat forehand, she asked me what does it mean during one of her ball-retrieval trips. Sweet pie, lol .. don’t worry too much, do what’s comfortable n nature to you. She hits her flat forehand deep, which is better than mine. Was that Simon repeatedly telling me, hit it deep to the baseline?? So here you have it, flat might afford less options, but if you can hit it deep, it is effective. She also asked when can she switch to single hand back hand. Have you been reading my blog, baby? She complains that double handed backhand gives her less reach, and less flexibility. Single hand backhand? Sounds like music to my ears.

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