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Very good morning to you all..

Phew, a little break from a book I’ve been working on since the New Year. The story dropped into my lap unexpectedly. How and when it’s going to be published is unknown but I’ve just done with the 2nd edition and sent to a friend who’s an honest critic and bookman.

Writing is the easiest component of a book.

Unlike the Last Concubine or few other titles that was so readily jumped at me, I haven’t had an ideal name for this book yet. Have a clue but haven’t come up with a neat title.

I met the bookman John B few years ago, online when I needed the precise year that Harvard and Yale awarded its first PhD, for my research. The Yalies quickly e-mailed me the scanned info but the H bomb lag behind. So I called again on that D-day and was being transferred the nth time, when a nice man John B the Bookman picked up the phone, I just lost it .. (you can fill the blank here). Our conversation was an act of something like petulance. He actually patiently and sympathetically listened to my frustrating rants.

Bookman is very into Tibet (still haven’t figure it out if he’s with me or against me on this issue .. .. I’m slow .. ) and wanted to go there. Not sure if my persuasion worked or he went without telling me – men always tell women lies, ha ha ha .. That was years ago. He became my Tibet guru and helped me a lot on research I conducted. Now he’s burdened with my raw scribble. I threatened him that if my book doesn’t get published or published but only sell one copy, he’ll be the DMW, dead man walking.
A piece of practical and good advice to all nice wo/men: when a lunatic calls, be aware .. .. don’t just walk away, run away fast 🙂


.. Really, now I’ll get myself re-acquaintance and cozy up to the Concubine and work on her again.

Just now Larry called cause he’s short of warm body tomorrow. Thought I ready fulfilled my quota this week yesterday. He has a nickname as 五点半, or should it be Dancing Queen’s since she was the original one who got me up in the middle of the night. Golfer would smile, asking “5:30 again?” when my cell phone rings.

Now the DQ is sitting pretty and I’m going to bat, working hard day in and day out. I need to win a game or two!!

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