Citi Field .. food court


the PA announced that all the tickets were sold out.. the limited number of tickets were sold out on the first day at the brand new stadium.
The greasy fried perfume was thick in the air. It was dampy and cold, so it was bit bearable; not sure in the hot summer day. After a while, the aroma made me sick. The Americans need to eat constantly, so there are always food stands. They need to buy something, regardless of what, just trinkets on display, for them to have an excuse to take out their wallets, hence every museum/sport arenas/parks have plenty shops for them to spend.

Nathan’s World Famous Beef Hot Dog $4.75
Pretzel $3.75
Lobster roll $24
Mama’s Italian Special Hero $9.75
16 oz Fountain Soda $3.50
Bottled Water $3.75
16 oz Buswiser $7.50
Chicken Milanese $9.50

The tickets are ranging from $695 to nosebleed (cheapest) seat at $11. Let’s see .. a family of 4,
ticket $36 = $144
parking $18 = $18
food $20 = $80
Total: $243

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