Simon says

Slowpoke met some of my buddies for the first time, those I never invited for dinner at home.  Her impression of Simon is ‘a very jolly man’.  He talks non stop, providing advice freely and abundantly, which I enjoy.  Sandy is ’smile a lot, very friendly.’  When Sandy learned Slowpoke’s name, she said ‘oh, that’s my son’s first girl friend’s name’ then went on to tell the story.  Apparently, her son was only 5 at time, lol.  I met Peter for the first time, and he gave me a tip I never heard before that my forehand grip is all wrong, I should turn more western. .. I shall try.  It was all adults, but Slowpoke enjoyed it.  They cheered for her when she moved me from left to right, from right back to the left.  During the off time, she teased me, ‘mom, what’s his name?’ pointing to Simon who’s drinking his warm beer.  “Simon.”  I pronounced.  “mom, it sounds as if salmon.”  Ok, I tried, Simon, but still sounds like salmon.  Ok salmon or tilapia?  We both laughed hard.  She just found another word I can’t correctly pronounce.

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