Blink … and my new style of serve

I played with new serve over the weekend – without any practice – did well.  Only couple of more doubles than usual, which surprised me.  (I had many doubles on Sunday afternoon when I played at a party, after 3 serious hours of playing in the morning – I was so poppped.)  So years ago’s advice actually blossomed, although I never thought of making use of it.

Couple of weeks ago, there’s book review on Gerd Gigerenzer’s Gut Feelings by Catherine Arnst (Business Week 8/20).  It sounds very familiar with a book I read few years ago – Blink.  No coincident, by 3rd paragraph, the reviewers mentioned that Blink‘s author Gladwell drew heavily on Gigerenzer’s research.  Every time when I committed a double fault in tennis, I thought of Blink: we all develope an innate and unconscious rules that govern our negotiation in life – most of those doubles are made when I thought of making it, not I wanted to make it.  Like telling myself, oh no, don’t double fault.  And I was not flexible (or quick) enough to avoid making it.  Is this the thin line distinguish a good player from a great player?  This theory not just applies to tennis.

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