Pete Sampras

On the eve of US Open, Pete gave an rare interview with FT, in which he mentioned that his era was different from current Federer’s where there is much less real competition.  I agree.  It gets so boring that we see FedEx plays on Sundays and wins all the time.  Thanks god he doesn’t grunt, and moves fluidly with impeccable form, especially single hand backhand.  The only player who has an edge over him is Rafael Nadal, but it’s only limited on clay, so FedEx ends up with other 3 slams.  In no time, he’ll surpass Pete’s 14 slams record.  Sampras still has bit fire in his belly, for he said IF he gets in shape, he’ll still be a force to reckon with on grass.  WTG, Pete!  Yuan Meng’s practice partner Ras said he saw Pete from time to time in LA, “he plays 3x a week, keep in shape … plays with everyone ..” page



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