What’s equality?

Last week’s Time has Nadal answering 10 Questions from the fans, one asked his opinion on female players earning the same salary as men.  He replied, “I don’t have much opinion about that.  I totally agree that women and men are the same in all areas of life, but my opinion is that, well, if we are the same, then women should have to play best-of-five sets [instead of 3] if they want to earn the same amount of money.”  Well said.  I often wonder those women’s right advocates are doing a service or disservice to us.  Yes, men and women are the same, but No when the girls getting paid the same but doing less.  Best-of-three sets some times lasts only an hour, that’s how long girls final often is.  How could you ask for the same pay with much less effort?  Are we just a bunch of whining babies seeking an easy ride under the guise of equality?  And expecting to be taken seriously.  Silly and sissy.

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