Which one would you pick?

cimg8364.JPGWhich one is more attractive to you???  Sandy’s orchard or Djokovic the Joker 地包天??   In light of my tennis misery, afraid that I’m developing a hobby – think of that, a hobby! – which is totally unexpected .. horticulture..  gosh my family is also in shock. 
Do I need a new interest?!?!  djokovic.jpgJust can’t image that I’m doing those sissy thing.  My eyes are glued to plants and flowers, check them out, buying .. the orchard (was it an orchard??  The bamboos are still alive .. in case you’re wondering of their fates … phew ..) I bought a month ago had died already, pretty much the same time that Sandy bought hers – look at it, her flowers are fat, juicy, and sitting pretty.  
Few weeks ago, Xiao Ping who has green thumb walked in and said,
“What? they all died!  How pitty.” 
She was sort amused that I’m doing those things now.  Yes, pitiful.  I just bought 2 more.  One is Cyclamen, I have no idea what it is, how to nurse it, except it needs sun  .. Golfer had always wanted to have a flower garden (for me to read my magazines and newspaper, lol) but due to lack of sunlight…  I’m buying things that requires full sunshine, neat.  What was I thinking???  
Back to US Open, Joker just won the semi.  To celebrate his win, he took off his shirt, so did his dad who also rally his friends on the stand to do so.  Ok, Dad, pls keep your shirt on.  Wondering IF  he beats FedEx tomorrow, is he going to strip?  Down to what?? :))

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