The French Open

This year’s top ranking players for the Open ..
Men: Nadel, Federer, Murray and Djokovic
Women: Safina, Serena, Venus and Dementieva

Venus is out already. The sisters are playing the doubles at the moment: 2:6, 6:1 and Serena is serving at 4:1. Seeing them over powering the other set of girls, I feel good. Sorry for being chicken and biased. I just want to see the Americans win. Seeing the skinny chicks could handle the sisters’ power, I feel good too: the over all level of game and fitness have improved since the Martina Navratilova era.

The net works should broadcast more doubles games.

P.S. The sisters won, 6:2.

Mary Carillo and Pamela Shriver commented on how unpopular the sisters are in France. .. .. Why worry? What does the Frenchy know? 🙂 They don’t know the good stuff even you presented to them.

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