Nadal and the attached strings

Rafael Nadal is pounding the earth with Hewitt, taped delayed. He wears yellow bands, pink shirt and grey short. And he still fudges with his G-string. Might be it’s time to introduce him to C-string? Raf hasn’t changed much over the years, still very humble and energetic; a small town boy, intense but donw to earth. How long can he last on the tour?

I thought of Tiger who’s bit sneaky, in a way: he’d look around without turning his head and has that kind of smirk on his face just telling everyone else in his vicinity that he’s just that tad better then the rest of us.
I also thought of Tiger’s mother who claimed Tiger had suffered discrimination on his way up, due to his skin color – I once saw it on a TV interview, briefly. I couldn’t actually believe it.
This country appreciates talent, color of skin comes second or third, if it comes at all. Ya, we all see colors, but that stops there pretty much. See how much courtesy this country is bestowing on Michelle Obama?

Nice pictures for the first lady. How much have they been workshopped? Btw .. did anyone see Maria Sharapova’s facial skin? Terrible .. I always consider Anna K is prettier .. who cared that K never won a match? I just want to be entertained for few hours 🙂

In this Time article, By Nancy Gibbs and Michael Scherer claimed that Michelle has more fun than Laura Bush. I found that assertion is presumptuous. Where is the evidence? What made them think that Laura didn’t have fun as the First Lady? And How Do You Measure happiness and fun-ness?

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