A tiger in the woods @ US Open 2009

We stopped at the driving range first. It’s somewhat empty. After lingering for a few minutes, as we were about to leave, we heard some shifting and here came the Tiger. His coach in the dark blue sweater and caddy in white were in toe. More pix on FB

After the driving range, he walked over to the club house when the spectators began to call out
“Tiger … ”
“Tiger … ”

I laughed and yelled: cheetah! and took this picture.

It’s pretty comical: Mr. Woods was walking briskly in an quarantined area for players and milling crowds pulled down the soft green fences that were more than 5 feet tall to take a peek or picture of the famous tiger, plus the tranquility that was found nowhere else in the park, zoo came to mind.

2009 Tiger

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