US Open 2009 @ Bethpage

We were lucky to have gone yesterday: on a perfect 10 out of 10 day for golf. I went to food shopping after dropping off the kids few hours ago, and stepped in a poddle of water that was to my calf in the parking lot. The next few days look like more rain drops than sun rays.

We parked at Jones Beach and took the coach to the Park. It’s about 20 minutes righe, painless, except the dust. As soon as I got off the bus, I found the first piece of garbage on the ground.

CIMG4817 CIMG4821 CIMG4829 CIMG5046 CIMG5111 CIMG4975

Michael dropped his sunglasses as we were watching the Tiger roaring. Ben Crane the slowmo came to pick it up. Ben is renowned for his slowness, once his partner walked off without him.
“Keep it.” I joked.
Ben CranHe playfully put it on top of his shades.
Michael took off his cap. Meaning you can have this if you want.
But Mr. Celebrity is so used to autograph seekers, he thought Michael was one of them.
He signed it without asking.
Guess everyone had their mind and eye on Tiger, no one was handing their stuff out for signature for Mr. Crane.
Well, no worry.
There is always an Irene.
Without knowing who he was, I handed him my cap.
I didn’t want to see him standing there, waiting.
An older gentle stood to me left, joked
“He’s just a ground crew.”
Early we chatted briefly. He posed a question or comment on Tiger, then waited for my reply. I looked at him blankly, confessing that I knew nothing about the game.
“Then why are you here?” He laughed.
“Oh, I was kidnapped.” 🙂 I pointed to DQ to my right.
He wanted to be kidnapped too.

CIMG5003 CIMG5006 CIMG5013

The check points at Jones Beach by the coach were through, like in an airport: empty your pockets and gone through a beeping arch.
No cell phone
No food
No water
No camera case, camera is ok
They provided the phone booth.
It’s kind of cool, for the younger generation who grow up on computers and cell phones.
Dad and Mom used to live this way, make a call from a big machine that’s moored to the ground. Oh, needed to have quarters to make the call.
The famous Nathan Frankfurter, hot dog cost $5
The beer $6
I sneaked in a Trader Joe’s strawberry bar. I must have a tendency to challenge the authority.
A born rebel, I reckon?
There was this huge shopping mall
A gleaming white tent.
CIMG5018 CIMG5022 CIMG5020

Merchandise Pavilion
Gift shops are Americans’ tradition. They need to have their dose of shopping crave filled. Everywhere.
DQ was trying on hat
CIMG4885James Dodson, the author of A Son of the Game was on hand signing his books.

I left my purse in the car, had to borrow money for my shopping spree.
Love the idea that they decorated the mall with orchards.

The mall was packed, humming with activities. It was only a practice day.
Well, golfers are better paid than tennis players.
Even every one can pick up a game of golf.
Count how many pro-am/celebrity golf tournaments are out there, vs tennis?
And pro golfers have much longer shelf live.
Their careers last longer than any other athletes.
The golf pros and tennis pros charge similar fee per hour. But tennis pro most likely has to sweat out the entire hour.

CIMG4882 CIMG5024 CIMG5016

NY Times‘ take on New York fans are on the money. The older gentle on my left was yelling out tips to Tiger on how to swing.
These two cuties were at the middle of the 18th hole, waiting for Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh.
I sneezed.
“Excuse me.” I said to no one in particular.
“God bless you.” One of them said.
After thanking him, I asked
“Why are you on wheels?”
They both stood as the balls dropped.
“We’re disabled.” They replied curtly.
Mind your own business, will you pls Irene?
CIMG4986 Nathan Tyler Tyler girl friendNathan Tyler has an Asian girl friend -> right.
Behind her were the sponsors – corporate white tents. The big boys would rent a house or a tent or both, to entertain their clients and enjoying the game themselves. Golfer never has worried where to park
or how much a beer cost 🙂
I had just as much fun as anyone would. Thanks DQ.
I’ve heard that I’m slated for the July Girls’ game in Pennsylvania, LPGA.
You got to know the right people 🙂

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