Everyday partner

Sunny called in the morning to play tomorrow @ 7am.  Gosh, I haven’t played with him for so long.  Last night I played with the Friday night group, Simon showed up after few hours with the 4.0s in the park, drinking a bud.  I end up playing with Simon almost every day except on Mondays: Tu/Wed we play badiminton, Thur night is the 4.0 in town and Fri is the group that he some time does sub, and Sat/Sun we usually play at SAndys.  Playing at SAndy’s is nice, they’re very hospitable, but they don’t start till 10am or so, that’s when I already done mine with Sunny n company, lol.  Michael called later to see I’ll play, he’s Jet n David the green.  “Sorry, I said ok to Sunny.”  Then I said, “I might end up playing with you anyway.  You know he’ll dump me when he sees a better partner, lol .. ”  Actually it’s pretty close to the fact, :-(, lol …

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