Madison Keys

Keys is a now-14-year-old American from Illinois who trains full time at Evert Academy in Boca Raton, Florida since 2005 when she was only 9 years old.

Keys said in 2008 that

I’m not the person who wants to stay on the baseline and rally crosscourt for 50 balls. You get into the net and you put it away.

“When I was about three years old I walked through [the living room] when they were watching the Wimbledon final and I think it was Venus,” Keys says. “It was Venus playing, and I saw her outfit and I loved it. I asked my dad, ‘Can I have one of those outfits?’ and he said ‘Only if you play tennis.’ And I said ‘OK!’ and I started playing after that. So I didn’t start for the tennis part, I started for the outfits, then I just loved it. And the outfits came as the extra-bonus part.”

You go girl. I couldn’t wait for the next American player to rise to the #1. She volleys, NO LESS.

This past Wimbledon, after Serena held up her singles plate, she went to play with her sister Venus and won the women’s doubles title. The American men are less triumph: Andy took Roger to the 5th set but lost. The Bryan brothers lost in final too.

I mused over the sight that Venus sent the current #1 player home almost on a bicycle, 6:0 and 6:1. How embarrassing. We got a new cyclist. The ranking system needs to reconsider.

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