MS bike ride

I biked around the Isle of Manhattan, 30 miles! It’s 2006 MS Bike Tour. Really cool. Everyone got to do it.

I sincerly thank all my sponsors who made this race possible, for me.

The party started as soon as I got on LIE at 6am, lol … there were few cars loaded with bikes, and we waved to one another. Never drove in the city this early, kind of eerie. I got rear ended on Park Av as I was waiting for the traffic light at 54th. The drive looked really cute, bit like Laker Kobe Bryant … that’s why I decided to get out .. JK. He held couple of pieces of something and told me,
“My fault, I’m not going to argue …”
Was he thinking that I should pay for his damage, or even take me to the court?? So Kobe is not soo cute after all :), …
Anyway, the parking was easy at crack of dawn. More later, got to eat.

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