US Open, Day 11

US Open 2021 offers a free day for the fans today. We watched four matches, two main draw men’s doubles semi and two wheelchair men’s singles, quarter final @ Armstrong. Either it’s a rainy day or New Yorkers don’t care for freebies (as no free lunch … inferior …), the stadium is very empty.

We stayed on to watch two wheelchair men’s quarter final singles matches. Oh boy, both matches are exciting, especially the second one.


The broken racket is from Sam Querrey.

  1. Johnson/Querrey lost to #4 R. Ram/J. Salisbury
  2. #8 J Peers n F Polasek lost to #7 Jamie Murray/B Soares
  3. #1 Shingo Kunieda 🇯🇵 def Casey Ratzlaff 🇺🇸 6:1, 6:0
  4. Tom Egberink lost to Gordon Reid 🇬🇧

Men’s doubles semi: Johnson/Querrey lost to R. Ram/J. Salisbury @ Armstrong. We stayed a few rows from the court because the players are so tall: Sam Querrey (1987-) is 6’6″ and Steve Johnson (1989-) is 6’2″. Not to mention the little tree John Isner (1985-) who is 6’7″. No wonder Pete Sampras (1971-) who is 6’1″ said, that during his time, he was considered tall.

Murray/Soares won their first set on their opponents’ double fault. Has any one saw his mother Judy watched him – Jamie (1986-) play? Mrs. Murray is always a presence at her other son, Andy’s (1987-) match all the time.

The first wheelchair men’s singles quarter final, #1 seed Shingo Kunieda 🇯🇵 def Casey Ratzlaff 🇺🇸 6:1, 6:0

The second singles, Tom Egberink lost to Gordon Reid 🇬🇧

As we were leaving, the evening crowd gets in. The Mets dog is working, again, and the pretty sunset color.

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Maria Sakkari 关公

Every time I see this Greek player Maria Sakkari (1995-; $5m prize winning so far), I think of Guangong 关公, the somewhat angry guy with his eyes’s end slanted upward?

She also reminds me a little of Spanish player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario (1971-; $17m prize winning). When Sánchez Vicario played back then, I ran into her a couple of times as she usually stayed at the UN Plaza hotel. In person, she looked a little more feminine.

Maria Sakkari grunts so loud. But she lost to the eventual champ Emma Raducanu handily, 6-1, 6-4, which gave us a quiet final, which was very enjoyable.


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Day 9 at the Open

The second week at the US Open tennis 2021. I got a Louis Armstrong ticket @ $135 (Sec 6, row C), parking at the commuter lot is $25, in lieu of the normal rate of $5, or it’s free for Benz.

We picked up our breakfast from Flushing to have at the Open. The leek or chives pan cakes are great.

~ Unisphere: This spherical stainless steel globe was part of 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Four matches, two mixed and two women’s doubles sandwiched at the Louis Armstrong:

Giuliana Olmos/M. Arévalo def E. Perez/M. Demoliner. Giuliana’s outfit is pretty.

Jessica Pegula (born Buffalo, New York in 1994) and Austin Krajicek (born in Tampa, Florida in 1990) def Alexa Guarachi and Neal Skupski.

Steve Johnson and Sam Querrey def Horia Tecau & Kevin Krawletz: a very mechanic match.

This year’s Ralph Lauren’s outfit is pretty colorful; and the Mets uniformed dog capped our day.


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Shame on USTA

The photo is Zheng Saisai, NOT Zhang Shuai 

Can’t USTA get their act together: using Zheng Saisai’s photo for Zhang Shuai?

The second match at Louis Armstrong stadium is women’s doubles which is our main attraction: Zhang Shuai and Sam Stosur. There are a few interruptions from system malfunction (?) and the biggest one is, USTA put up (郑赛赛 1994-) Zheng Saisai’s photo for Zhang. This is a bit too hard to swallow.

I like both players, Zhang Shuai and Sam Stosur. It was Stosur who talked Zhang out of retirement in 2015. They’ve won Aussie Open doubles in 2019. They’ve similar physiques, wear identical outfit. The Aussie’s arms are more muscle than the Chinese.

I’ve seen Zhang many times and enjoy her skill as well as her physical appearance – she has the perfect body for tennis. Her arms are particularly pretty. Stosur is in great shape and a slightly shorter than Zhang. Her torso is also slightly thiner than Zhang’s.


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Same dog different day

I’ve seen this dog at Mets or Citifield many times. A bit surprise to see him or her at the 2021 US Open too.


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Day 4 after Ida


The fourth day at the US Open tennis 2021. After a heavy rain the previous day and night from tropical storm Ida (挨打 … can’t help it every time I hear this name) when many have died, the weather couldn’t be any better.

I bought a cheap seat for $32.25 online (section 316, row X): $25 for the ticket, plus $5 per ticket service fee and $2.95 order processing fee charged by TicketMaster. I took the LIRR ($9.25 each way! Gosh they should do better) instead of driving, and stopped by Flushing to pick up some dinner, for my Paris gang as well.
Unbeknown to me, my dad is a USTA celebrity now – here is his 28 seconds fame video. Even before he sat down, two young bubbly women behind me said, “I know you! I saw your video …”

俺来了 … omg 😳 俺终于变名人后了 – 犹爸晋升网红.

他过来还没有坐下 后面2个娃就说 “嘿 我知道你 就在那个视频里…” 一番合影 留电话 明天见 … 本来大家都挺安安静静的在看 一下子活跃起来了. 人见人爱的老头 从来没有看见过他重复印满警句的T恤. 80岁生日高空跳伞 现在85岁半退休(足科医生)还是一星期4-5次🎾. 他太太去世时我们非常担心 … 结果是多余. 反正和他一起不大笑难 2019 我们三人帮去法网 2年后 俺和小二 四肢不灵光 只有老爸还在打 谢谢更换的膝盖. 俺时常在想是不是也去更新四肢. 网红链. 周末快乐!  如果您觉得俺是个🎾bum 那是最大的冤枉. 犹爸每年2星期几乎24小时扎在美网 (全职诊所靠小密打理) 如果可以睡他一定就不回家了. 80年代🎾名人🦶都是靠他修理. 记得他初见俺娃 第一句话是 走走 让俺看看是不是🎾料 [呲牙][调皮][捂脸]

  1. Jenson Brooksby defeat Taylor Fritz @ Grandstand
  2. Sock def Bublik @ Court 5
  3. Ashlyn Krueger/Montgomery def Pegula/Muhammad @ Court 4
  4. Coco Gauff/McNally def Carla Suárez Navarro/Errani @ #17
  5. Karolína Plíšková def Amanda Anisimova @ Ashe


A lazy and relaxing afternoon, when you’re tired of tennis … watching.

Jack Sock vs Alexander Bublik Highlights @ Court 5

The last match I watched was Karolína Plíšková def Amanda Anisimova @ Ashe. Both played well. 

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Gaël Monfils at the Open

Gaël Monfils played his first US Open 2021 match on Day 2 at Court 17. The fun loving player is being loved back from all of us.

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The flag vendor

So, the US Open tennis 2021 is underway and vendors come in doves as well, selling from bottled water ($3 for a spring or $5 for two) to flags. I’m bit of surprised to see the Japanese and Korean flags but not Chinese. The sweet lady said, she’ll get me one 🙂 all in good spirit. Thank you.

An update: the sweet lady did get Chinese flags when I returned on Thursday. The Program stand is still doing a brisk business: Program + daily for $20, $5 for a daily alone and $20 for a poster). Thought the program and daily could be replaced by smartphone, unless you would like it as a souvenir.

The bottled water, sells by the street vendors this summer:

  • $1 on Brooklyn Bridge
  • $2 at Yankee
  • $3 for a bottle or $5 for two at US Open
  • $5 at AMC Fresh Meadows 7 plus sales tax

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Ashlyn Krueger, 2004

US Open 2021, Day 2. Court 11, willowy Ashlyn Krueger (2004-; prize win $8,713) is playing Anna Karolína Schmiedlová from Slovakia. Two AKs, -:). Krueger lost 7-5, 63-77ith , 6-3. I saw her teaming up with Robin Montgomery (2004-; prize money $8,493), in an American women’s doubles match on Court 4 two days later, winning the first round of women’s  over A. Muhammad and Jessica Pegula. 6-2 and 7-6. The pair lost their second round to Leylah Fernandez and Erin Routliffe 2-6 and 2-6.

Krueger lost her girls singles in the second round (1st round she got a bye), losing to P. Marcinko in three. The pair, Krueger and Montgomery got a bye in the first round and won their second round, defeating J. Garcia and M. Mutavdzic 6-4, 6-1.

Her singles match on Day 2

Ashlyn Krueger and Robin Montgomery on Court 6, Day 4, the first round of women’s doubles.

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US Open, 2021

A great photo of Serena who’s absent at the Open; seen on FB

US Open began yesterday, August 30, ending next Sunday, Sept 12. The prize is $57.5 million and the two singles winners take home $2,500,000 each, little less than 2020, $3 mil.

I got my day session (#3) ticket to Ashe at the window (ticket/box office), $44 (TicketMaster adds $5 per ticket service fee and $2.95 order processing fee) today. It’s cheaper than the ground pass which is at $65. To buy a day in advance or before the start of the match, $25 would do.

Gates opening time varies. On the first day, a huge crowd was gathered to get in and someone tweeted that a woman fainting, but I never encountered any lines on my days there. Actually, on my evening session, I got in way before 6pm. The parking isn’t as clear as Citifield’s.

The most talked about topic this year is bathroom breaks: Stefanos Tsitsipas (1998-) taking multiple 8 minutes bathroom break during his first round match, defeating Andy Murray (espn, WaPo, People, SportingNews …).

The perks: Amex, Chase and Benz all have their hangouts. Amex has Centurion Suite and the Lounge (photos above, is smaller than previous years), with a few booths to dispense their radios. Chase has one at the main building where we check in to play tennis. It required a sign up and reserve but my two reservations never materialized: Day 4 was on a waitlist and Day 9 never came. Benz had display room only inside. The outside of the gate one is gone.

Although I never encounter any lines to get in but I though USTA should or could offer wrist band for covid-19 vaccine proof, to reduce the among of work they’ve to do each time we go because many of us are multiple day attendees.

Day 2: I parked at Skyview (got hair cut too) and walked the Roosevelt Avenue pathway 5.2 miles for the day. The commuter lot is closed for the first four days. It reopens to commuters this Friday, at the usual rate $5.

Watched Barty at Ashe, Gaël Monfils at Court 17, and a young American, 17 years old Ashlyn Krueger (2004-), who lost to Anna Karolína Schmiedlová in three sets. Her prize winning is only $8,713.

Day 2, Tue 8.31 @ Ashe, $44 (Sec 317, row R), first round

  1. Barty
  2. Ashlyn Krueger
  3. Gaël Monfils

Day 4 Thur, Sept 2, 2nd round; $32.95; LIRR

  1. Jenson Brooksby defeat Taylor Fritz @ Grandstand
  2. Sock def Bublik @ Court 5
  3. Ashlyn Krueger/Montgomery def Pegula/Muhammad @ Court 4
  4. Coco Gauff/McNally def Carla Suárez Navarro/Errani @ #17
  5. Karolína Plíšková def Amanda Anisimova @ Ashe

Day 9, Tue Sept 7 @ Armstrong $135;

  1. Giuliana Olmos/M. Arévalo def E. Perez/M. Demoliner
  2. Stosur/Zhang def Dolehide/Sanders
  3. Pegula/Krajicek def Guarachi/Skupski
  4. Johnson/Querrey def Tecau/Krawletz

Day 11, Thur Sept 9 @ Armstrong, $0

  1. Johnson/Querrey lost to #4 R. Ram/J. Salisbury
  2. #8 J Peers n F Polasek lost to #7 Jamie Murray/B Soares
  3. #1 Shingo Kunieda 🇯🇵 def Casey Ratzlaff 🇺🇸 6:1, 6:0
  4. Tom Egberink lost to Gordon Reid 🇬🇧

The bathrooms are always well stocked, and what you can and can’t bring in with you.

The Ashleigh Barty Vera Zvonareva match was pretty boring, until Barty failed for serve out at 5:3. The second set went to tie break. After the match I spotted Vera Zvonareva got on the stationary bike. Looking over, is the New York Hall of Science, with the rocket park.

The K9s German shepherds, aren’t they handsome?! And the Mets dog too

The fashion is as usual, great to watch too. But I always miss the best dressers.

… and the uniform: on the first day, Sloane Stephens def Madison Keys – they wore the same outfits. Theirs, clearly set the tone for this Open.


more …


… and the final,

Emma Raducanu and Daniil Medvedev won the Final.

Med wrote: “Imagine being 18, playing in your 4th pro event, winning only a 25k before and now being @usopen champ! Incredible. @EmmaRaducanu”

Yes, her run is incredible. Hope she can keep up the pace.

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