The final

Serena suffered another injustice. Why doesn’t it happen again, and again, at her home grand slam US Open?

The 2018 US Open women’s final was decided by the chair umpire. We pay to watch the players fighting it out, NOT by referees or umpires.

Aleksandar (Sascha) Bajin (career high @ 1,149, a Serbian-born German) was Serena’s hitting partner for 8 years that ended in 2015 (reason unknown). Before taking up with Naomi Osaka, he had worked with Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki, briefly.


Not condoning any abusive behaviors but tennis umpires seem to have thin skin. Being called a “thieve” is not, in my dictionary, abusive. They just sit in a tall chair, without doing much – IF there is a line dispute, the technology will decide. SO, what’s left for them to do, other than sit there, high atop? The referees @ NHL have to skate; @ NBA have to run; @ MLB have to move around … Only the tennis umpires, sitting pretty.

Funny, in the same tourney, a female player was issued a code violation because she took off her shirt – don’t men do that all the time?! And Umpire Mohamed Lahyani went ‘beyond protocol’, got down from his chair and talked to Nick Kyrgios (who behaved badly then after the talk, went on to win over Pierre-Hugues Herbert.).

Some coverage of the women’s final:

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Lotus pond

While waiting for the third set, I came up this little corner … week 2week 3, week 4.


What a terrible final @ US Open!



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Wild winds

Lost 3, 2 and 4. Couldn’t sleep for the whole night. A good execuse? Whatever. A great day for tennis, except the wind. While waiting for the 3rd set, I came up on this pretty lotus pond

What a terrible final @ US Open!


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The sisters and their men

The Williams sisters at this year’s Open, her husband, her boyfriend (wearing a Harvard Law t shirt) and their family.

And their father Richard, not in the player’s box but being mentioned often. Nike runs a commercial showing Richard teaching Serena when she was a little girl, by saying, “… you’re in US Open …” And the commentators are hipping praise on him like never before – at least I didn’t hear. This comes as a little surprise, although I think Richard is very deserving.

A rare audience with Richard Williams on youtube from 2015.



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Marcelo Melo

Men’s doubles at the Grandstand on Day 9 at the Open. After sitting down I moved to another section bed there is this woman non stop calling “Marcelo”. It’s very annoying.

Now sitting at an angle, I could see her well. Is this a woman in love, or what? She doesn’t look like his mother.



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Boys Cannon Kingsley

2018 US Open, the juniors come out in the 2nd week. Kingsley is from Long Island, won in three sets (in action), after a heat suspension.

Juniors tennis are full of errors, which make me think more and are more relatable. X Wang

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Women’s doubles @ Louis

The second week at the US Open. Visibly quieter but just as hot, that some juniors’ matches are suspended due to the heat. The major leaguers are playing as usual.


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Wang Xiyu 王曦雨

The teen from Hangzhou has won the junior girls’ title @ US Open. I watched her doubles match on Tuesday and wasn’t impressed, probably I’m not used to watch juniors, got spoiled by the pro circuits. During the match, both girls went to their coaches.






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2018 US Open


What a tourney – Serena’s being robbed again!

It’s the 50th celebraton. They go all out. New courts (less open space!), additions (some are for the players), renavations, and uppened price – going sky high: $71 for a ground pass ($120 2nd weekend). I think it used to be, like, $20. The agent who handles their ticket is charging hefty service fees: $22.77 on a $138 Ash day time ticket, 16.5%.
The controversy: when a girl player takes off her top.

I sat but somehow walked 11,742 steps 4.5 miles!

Louis Armstrong, the original center court which was free, now added a top section which is too steep, which is free but the bottom is fee based.  Part of the free part has sections that are for subcribers (whatever it means). It has a roof.

Grandstand, is partially free, more relaxed and ‘spreadout’ as oppose to steep.

Court 17 is my fave since day one.

The Globe (Unisphere) seems to be get nicer year after year.

The American Express Center is better than last year, same design but feel solider. The Dean & Deluca is again, taking up a residence.

The outfits: I usually take the goers (2017, ) but this time, I switch to players. And orange seems to be the color.

Venue Williams beat Italian Camila Giorgi 6-4 and 7-5. So far, I rate Giorgi’s outfit the best. As outfit goes, there is an episode regarding the French player Alizé Cornet’s chaning on court.

The big story is, the Williams sisters will play against each other, for the 20th time, on Day 5 evening at 7 pm, unfortunately only the 3rd round. Oh my. I couldn’t wait. I watched them play QF in 2015, what a treat!

Mr. Federer’s outfit (not the best … ); the fitness of the players – the shape of water -:)

The second week, Day 9: the doubles (women’s) and juniors (Kingsley & Wang Xiyu 王曦雨) are out on n force. A woman in love with Melo. The sisters have their men.


An opening … Keys wears it the best.


Orange is a popular color


The 18 years old Claire Liu 刘婧文 of Thousand Oaks, California, is a new face, has just lost to A. Sevastova.


John Isner changed his shirt to win over Jarry (his top is similar to Jack Sock).


This outfit is pretty popular too


and the errrhhh … what are those?? Stan Wawrinka gets the trophy all the time for wearing PJs … Raonic: don’t you like my shirt?  Double billing – mistakes or what?


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