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Funny or poor taste

Ok, I may have to spend some time in jail .. jk .. by link to this one. It’s funny or poor taste is up to everyone’s imagination. The guy, a trader got fired by Citi over his saucy website. Citi has less humor than ?? 

Oh well, Michael Phelps just won his third Gold, set a new world record in the process.  Girls did well too.  All in all, the swimming is done well today, each event has won by an American and one other American managed silver or broze.

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Spitz, once the star, upset over Beijing snub

The Seven Gold Medal winner is upset. Why no one has bothered to invite him to Beijing? It would be a great idea to have him on hand to present the medal to Phelps. Speaking out himself cheapens his legacy.  I for one, would love to see him greeting Michael on and off the deck.

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Gone nuts

I’ve gone nuts and screamed my heart out for the Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay, the Americans beat the French, setting new world record by 4 good long seconds. Golfer came to the room, asking if we could let him sleep.  Pumpkin said appologetically, “it’s Mom ..” 

Did you hear what the Frenchies were saying? Something like .. ‘oh .. The Americans? We’re going to smash them,” Alain Bernard said. “That’s what we came here for.’ .. hahaha .. The last few seconds were remarkable. Jason Lezak (a good looking dude) caught up and won – his anchor leg was a historical 46:06 seconds. Michael Phelps got his second Gold.  Don’t miss out on his reaction!  The roar is epic too.

I last timed myself, the 50m (25 yard x2, the short course) was something in the neigborhood of 45 seconds.  Not too bad for an old bag, no?  Oui.

There is something so elegant and beautiful, and gracious about the swimmers.  Definitely not their nakedness.  The way they create the water flow (breast stroke is excluded, sorry ..), the V shaped body .. .. It’s so mesmerizing and overwhelming.

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A sour loser

I can’t believe that I’m a such sour loser. When I saw my favored swimmers being passed, I would wonder out loud if the leader or leaders is/are taking enhancing drugs. Pumpkin looked at me .. .. Do people get emotional in a multi-nation competition? I think so.

I was surprised to see Mary Carillo does some segments for NBC – gymnasts. Who would believe those babes or jumping fleas still in diaper are actually 16 years old?

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The hero of the middle age

Dara Torres, 41 years old, mother of a toddler, is trying to make it to Beijing as a swimmer.  Some story! Addition to Susan Rapp.

It’s very interesting to know – I’ve thought otherwise – short course suits aging swimmers better than distance.

No among of money could propelle her to where she is, if weren’t for her passion and drive.  I’m still confused by ‘six pack’, it means pot belly or flat belly?


Go for the Gold, Girl !!!!



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Publicly pubic

A couple more odd scenes at the pool:

– A fair skinned Asian lady in a red bathing suit facing the pool, tucking in her pubic hair.
– My locker is always opened or ajar when I returned. As I said before, the locker rooms are small, so are the lockers. Only few full lengths. I don’t lock it, so I would guess that someone has opened it to use only found it’s been taken. Fine. But would you please close it?
– Oh boys .. many mothers bring their sons, young and old. I think I have the right to complain, because I have a son too and I brought him to swim when he was very very young. He used men’s locker. Worried about it? Ask a guard to help him out. Too many breasts and pubic hair might hindered his development. Ok, just kidding.  Seriously, on a more selfish side, would you subject your own son to all of those???  Would you please be considerate to other girls and women??? – There’s a sign written in Chinese (beside English) but I do see other young boys of other race.

I asked the manager of the facility if there is something I can help.  Obviously the lifeguards are doing their best, but not getting result.  Many swimmers just claiming they don’t understand English – I suspect some do and some don’t, using it as convenient way to disobey.  There are signs for each lane.  Perhaps the pool could make the sign more visible and dedicated only 3 lanes to fast, 3 medium and 4 slow?  Make it into multiple languages as well?  Few Chinese acting rude reflect badly upon all of us.  The manager gave me the commissioner.  So, we’ll see.

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A humbled experience

The last time I went to swim at Flushing Meadows pool, it was bit chaotic as usual. Lifeguards busy blowing whistles – I have never heard this many whistle in a pool – because swimmers did what they please, without regards to others.

There is a few standard rules for lap swimming: you stay on the right; you don’t hang around at the end (where people do flip turn), you let faster swimmer go or pass.  Simple enough?  Non of those are out of ordinary and fit well in our daily lives: you drive on your right hand side; you let people pass you if you’re too slow ..

I do my laps continuously and flip turn at the end – meaning I only see the bottom of the pool, don’t get to see what coming my way at all, until I come close which I can sense or touch some one’s feet (again, this is when the person ahead is in a horizontal position.  Because once I touched some one’s higher back because he’s treading the water – treading water in the fast lane!!  What a big jerk!!  It can be little nerve wracking to swim with uncivilized people.  I touch swimmers very often at this pool, some times twice in one lap.

So last time there, in the beginning it’s ok, I shared the lane with one other who’d stop at the end letting me go after few laps (when I caught up with him).  Then it got crowded. Some one behind me began to ‘cut the line’ .. would turned around without going to the end, so can get ahead of me after my flip turn.  By then, it’s too many people in the lane, I couldn’t pass without causing collusion with on coming traffic from the left.  As I continue to swim, I came up on a middle aged man doing breaststroke/treading leisurely but facing up.  So his legs spread wide opened, closed, then opened/closed again while I was facing down and forward fast.  Since his body was 45 degree to the surface, so I got very close to him.  THAT was some humbled experience.  Not sure I could called it a sexual harassment.  Didn’t he have any self-respect?  In an empty lane it is probably fine, but not with someone comes close.

1.  Why couldn’t those Chinese leave their bad rude behavior at home?  Start afresh in this country?
2. Didn’t he feel uncomfortable having someone between his wide opened legs? .. or it’s indeed his intend?
3. Don’t everyone who might not have a clue as what standard rules are in the pool, but with tiny bity common sense would behave better?

Few weeks earlier I had complained to the lifeguard for the rude manner. The big guy with soft accent said earnestly, “don’t you think I tried? Please you talk to him in Chinese ..” Lord, I was embarrassed even he meant well. This time I was really mad, so I stopped and complained to the lifeguard.

Apparently, the man was there with his wife (all in my lane), both slow movers.  And apparently, someone already complained about them.  When I went to the end, as soon as I opened my mouth, few swimmers on the deck came over.  (Did anyone notice how quickly a circling crowd would form in China??)  First, the couple ignored the lifeguard and his whistle.  Another lifeguard try to stop them from the other end also failed too.  So the lifeguard threw down the red soft pole to stop them.  Guest what?  The husband screamed “.. You Have No Right ..”  The wife screamed even louder, “.. discriminating .. ”  Both life guards happened to be black and the manager on deck was an Hispanic.  Living Color.

Lord, why are the Chinese so rude and ugly?  Chairman Mao, see what you’ve done to your fellow countrymen during your three decades of reign.  You didn’t just send us to the poor house, you also took away the civility and decency.  It needs 60 or even 100 years to restore.

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Speedo and G-string

A ban on bikinis at the city pool is expected to be revised at Kanab in Utah, that bikinis that don’t reveal too much will be allowed, as will Speedos for men when the new public pool just north of the Arizona state line.

What’s wrong with America? Speedo is a swimsuit for god sake!

Has anyone noticed that Rafael Nadal would fuss with his G-string or some kind of underwear between his serves during the match?

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Heading to Flushing is a joy now, even it is still dirty, crowded and smell bad.  The new pool made me eager to go.  The locker is very jammed, short benches were always full with bags and stuff, we basically got on top of each other!  The floor is always watery.  A cleaner comes in from time to time, she does it pretty nastily, splatter all over the place.  That reminds me of the new Equinox opened in our town.  that I tried out.  The cleaners would mop away a single sweat quickly and quietly, as if they were invisible.  Of course, there is the initiation fee $150 and $110 per month ..

When it first opened, the water heater wasn’t working, the water was cold.  To me, it’s heaven, not only I had the pool all to myself, I even shed couple of minutes off of my 40 laps run – that’s a lot.  I was just about to join, then on the fouth day, the heater worked properly and the temperture jumped to 85° or so, aqua classes began and many walkers started to show up.  So that ended my run.

Back to Flushing pool.  It’s only $75 per year, bring your own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and towel. Oh, no steam room either. .. .. some slow swimmers would clog the lane!  Don’t they have the slightest of coutesy?  Many Asians.  Haven’t seen this many naked Asian women and Speedos.  Why Americans don’t like Speedo?

When I took the kids to swim in Beijing, one young guy working there seemed very friendly to us and volunteered to help King.  But on our third visit there, he was bit annoyed, “ok, this is the last time I’ll allow him to wear this shorts.”  King had on a bright yellow bathsuit – long, baggy like homeboy.
“?? This IS a swimsuit.” I told him.
He’s mad now. “What do you take me for? Haven’t I been nice to him?”
“You think I don’t know any better? .. Just becasue you’re from America? .. ..”
Lord, wait a second. I wasn’t thinking. Looked around the pool, everyone had those speedos, if not the Speedo, it would still be tight, short and slinky..  So the next day I bought him a Speedo.  And I was told “Mom, it’s too small!”

It seems only US uses inches and the rest of the world is using metrics ..the Americans use pj for swimming, while the Europeans and Asians are into the sexy and slinky Speedos, And it’s American men getting caught while their pants down.  Hmmmm ..

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Pool before the renovation


My local pool before the renovation.  It closed at the end of April 2008.

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