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My third team

Q7.0 2011 has fewest players, 10 in total (incl me), that included three couples. We did really well, made into the Metro Championship.

That year the teams in Metro were plenty. We played at NTC: vs Manh, vs Brooklyn, vs Bronx in two days, May 15-16.

New York City consists five boroughs, namingly Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. Because of the players, Manhattan and Queen seem to consistently have league every season while the later three won’t. With lesser teams, there is greater opportunity to advance to the playoffs. There are teams that gaming this way. Who knows what is going to happen in playoffs? On a good hair day, even Irene could win a match.

We played Manh (0-3) & Brooklyn (1-2) the first day (5/15), Bronx the last on day two 5/16.  Jerry and I drew an elder couple (not sure they were married or just partners on court) on Court 14. The gent had trouble walking at the beginning. It was very distracting. Beating on an injury player is just not cool. Also, my team having lost both matches yesterday, was out already. Soon my concentration was gone. I began to look right and left, hoping to catch some actions. The score ended up 7-5 and 6-4. At the net as we were shaking hands, the gent said profusely that they had no business of winning.

During the match, I saw the outfits on Court 16 was unified: both players wore identical top and skirt. Because it was all mixed double matches, so one had to be a guy. Therefore, I joked to Jerry,

“Maybe next time, we could use little unity by dress the same.”

One of my mates heard, and knew instantly what was I talking about because she knew the two on Court 16. One was undergoing gender change.

Two years after that, through other teammate, the new girl would be on my team and anchoring the first doubles. A small world.

Renée Richards, an American ophthalmologist, changed his gender and played on the women’s tour. But she did not go far. Never win a slam.

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