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New playing style

I devised a brand new style of play due to the little nagging pain on my left knee, or around there: use one leg.  My right leg is pretty good, holding up so far.  Tue was so painflul that I didn’t get to play much.  Not playing would hurt more – 烧包, :).  Very surprise Simon and I won all our 3 sets: landslide against Big Steel and Michael, then was hair raising one against John and Yong – we were donw 0:8, then 5:11!  And the final set against Big Steel and Yong.  Simon played very hard and well.  I probably should hit the pool instead.  I miss the smell, miss the steam room, miss the swimming!!!  What’s stopping me???

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It’s over

The 4th Q just started, but nothing goes right for the Giants.. might as well be over.  It’s painful to watch.  Did Payton jinx it?  Why doesn’t he take a walk elsewhere and let his kid bro play????  They looks so so so unprepared.

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My prince

The last piece of remnant of my lost love or last love ..

My last Prince.  Either got stolen or I lost it somewhere.  It was a while ago.  At time, few friends had been suggesting or hinting to get a new racket to improve my game.  I thought nothing of it since I was in love with the ThunderBolt, till one day I walked onto the court and opened my bag, found my little red engine was gone.  When, where  and how .. I didn’t know.  But it was gone, for good.  Disgust, disilluted, I mindlessly started using my kids, Head.  And falling in love with it.  See, I’m easy to deal with.  And my game improved.  塞翁失马,焉知非福  End of story.

Lately, with the new serve, I double fault fewer times.  Actually I didn’t double fault at all for the past few times I was out there.  Happy?  Yeees.  How happy?  hmmm … the gradation is hard to gauge.

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A shopping day


Went to shopping on Tue at the mall, it’s like a zoo, mother/daughter teams were abundant.  I even ran into a neighbor there with her daughter, Pumpkin’s good friend.  Did Abercrombie & Fitch make the headline due to their racy ad couple of years ago?  She went there because her little groupies all went there.  The line to the cashier was huge.  Naturally, I waited on line while she and her cronies shopped.  That’s what mothers for.  When I saw the little pink bag in her pile, I wondered what did she buy at Victoria’s Secret.  Not at La Perla? Oh, I like their lotion, she replied.   … …. My thighs (especially the left one) hurt so much from the hiking on Sunday that I was basically limping around in the mall.  Wondering why no one offered me a wheel chair.  But managed to play badminton that night, Fan’s last day, had to go.  He’s leaving on Thur .. getting married .. be back after Chinese New Year – Feb 2008 .. pls bring back a pretty and badmintonable bride!  Simon is baaaaack.  He and I lost to Fan and Michael.

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6:2 again


Tennis season came to a close after an over all win today.  Coach set next week for a party.  Pumpkin n Co won theirs 6:2 again.  The school system ranks each player at beginning of the season and form it singles and doubles teams with a ranking.  During the season, the lower ranked players can challenge the higher ups.  But the high and mighty don’t have to take the challenge.  For example, Ace Sharon isn’t ranked #1 in singles.  When she wanted to challenger her way up, the higher ranked player told her that she wasn’t available that day,

“I’ve baby sit my bro”. 

The bro is a year younger and Sharon said she saw the bro on the tennis court that afternoon.  So, I’m not sure the challenge mechanism is fair. 

This is Pumpkin’s first season.  She said she’ll do it again next year (not swimming), which is fine.  Whichever she wants. 

“I was perhaps bit over confident in the beginning .. .. the club is helping me a lot ..”  The way she and her doubles partner consistently winning in landslide fashion, perhaps they should have been a higher ranked team than what they’re now.  But it’s a learning curve.  She’ll know what to expect and to do next time around.  Learning the system is as important as the talent itself. 

I can’t help but to think Denzel Washington’s line in the corrupt cop he portrait in the movie Training Day.

“He learned [worked] the system .. so .. he deserves to go free ..”  (Something like that) when they discussed a criminal in a restaurant.

A great season and good start.  WTG baby.

During the match, I cheered for someone who hit a great shot.  Pumpkin reminded me, “mom, you’re not in front of the TV..”  Ok, I got it.  I bet if I ever get to go to the Giants, they’ll let me cheer, correct?  :))  The first singles played a remarkable match, both girls were great, fair and consistent.  I was impressed. .. .. K, it’s my time to go play.  Last week John and I had a great win over Fan and Charlie.  It’s very tough.  But at the end, we prevail.  Not sure my serve was good, Fan didn’t take it and called it in.  Hope he didn’t let me win it.  I did play well though.  Fan is soon going to leave for few month, getting married back home, won’t return till after Chinese New Year.  Big Steel magically show up for work for the past week!



Happy to report that the middle shcool has finally fixed the courts. The new tennis courts are so inviting than the old rundown ones.

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