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Lotus at end of Sept

Week 4 after 6 sets.


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6 sets

Got up early to catch the sunrise. It’s been rainy lately.

🎾 6-2, 6-2, 2-6, 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 🎾 6局迎秋 🍂 今天的主题是偷袭 [呲牙] 小鲜肉们的服装也搭配 上蓝下灰 [得意]
守得云开见日明 周末快乐


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🎾 3-6, 6-7, 6-4 🎾
3 hours
Never correct
Happy weekend
[呲牙] 周末快乐
Autumn is here
秋天来了 lotus is gone


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The goalie who wears 666 – the number of the beast.

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Lotus blooming

It got bigger since last week.


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I’m too comfortable, want a strike

So they want a strike, against Serena. Emmm… just what the tennis umpires do, other than sitting pretty high atop a chair? Line dispute? Opps, I didn’t see it. Let’s go to the video tape, while other major league referees are skating, jumping, running …

Tennis umpires are pushing back against Serena Williams and her charges of sexism, according to articles published Monday by two news media outlets.

The Times of London reported that chair umpires are considering refusing to officiate matches involving Williams, although the newspaper did not identify the source of the information.

The Guardian reported that tennis officials are discussing forming a union that would empower them.

The potential moves stem from anger among officials after Williams accused chair umpire Carlos Ramos of sexism Saturday after Williams’ 6-2, 6-4 loss to Naomi Osaka at the US Open women’s final. Ramos issued Williams three code violations, including one for verbal abuse, which cost her a whole game.

More: US Open umpire defended for simple reason: He followed rules in penalizing Serena Williams

More: Novak Djokovic: Umpire ‘should not have pushed’ Serena Williams in US Open final

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and United States Tennis Association (USTA) supported Williams’ claims of sexism. The International Tennis Federation (ITF), which oversees chair umpires for the four Grand Slam events, backed Ramos. But the ITF did not offer public support until 48 hours after the match and that delay angered officials, according to the Guardian.

Tennis umpires are independent contractors and generally prohibited from discussing specific matches. On Tuesday, Ramos told Tribuna Expresso in his native Portugal, “I’m fine, given the circumstances. It’s a delicate situation.”

Other umpires are expressing anger.

“The umpiring fraternity is thoroughly disturbed at being abandoned by the WTA,” Richard Ings, a retired, elite Gold Badge umpire told “They are all fearful that they could be the next Ramos. They feel that no one has their back when they have to make unpopular calls.”

But Ings suggested it was unlikely the umpires would boycott Williams’ matches.

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The final

Serena suffered another injustice. Why doesn’t it happen again, and again, at her home grand slam US Open?

The 2018 US Open women’s final was decided by the chair umpire. We pay to watch the players fighting it out, NOT by referees or umpires.

Aleksandar (Sascha) Bajin (career high @ 1,149, a Serbian-born German) was Serena’s hitting partner for 8 years that ended in 2015 (reason unknown). Before taking up with Naomi Osaka, he had worked with Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki, briefly.


Not condoning any abusive behaviors but tennis umpires seem to have thin skin. Being called a “thieve” is not, in my dictionary, abusive. They just sit in a tall chair, without doing much – IF there is a line dispute, the technology will decide. SO, what’s left for them to do, other than sit there, high atop? The referees @ NHL have to skate; @ NBA have to run; @ MLB have to move around … Only the tennis umpires, sitting pretty.

Funny, in the same tourney, a female player was issued a code violation because she took off her shirt – don’t men do that all the time?! And Umpire Mohamed Lahyani went ‘beyond protocol’, got down from his chair and talked to Nick Kyrgios (who behaved badly then after the talk, went on to win over Pierre-Hugues Herbert.).

Some coverage of the women’s final:

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Lotus pond

While waiting for the third set, I came up this little corner … week 2week 3, week 4.


What a terrible final @ US Open!



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Wild winds

Lost 3, 2 and 4. Couldn’t sleep for the whole night. A good execuse? Whatever. A great day for tennis, except the wind. While waiting for the 3rd set, I came up on this pretty lotus pond

What a terrible final @ US Open!


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