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The season finale

Their last game of the season vs North at home’s close contested, they lost 15-16. They were leading most of the times. More pix on FB, video


a heartbreaking season finale

the time out

my view to the right: the baseball field...

her weapon

a little celebration

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The last match

Someone questioned me if I’m still under warranty and suggested to take up bumper to bumper insurance plan, when I complained my legs and arms hurt after my back and shoulders. Don’t know I own those body parts .. till they all acting up.
Our last match of the regular season was scheduled at 8pm. Guess my brain was hurting too bec I had 8:30 in mind. When I limped onto the the court, it’s 8:10. I was just too bit heavy for my partner to carry, lost 4 and 3.
Good news is .. Pumpkin scored her team’s first goal and won 7:6; Golfer would score a goal too late that evening on ice too. Darn it, why didn’t I bring home a win??
Once again, we made the playoffs, which will take place at NTC on April 30 that weekend. The two divisions have similar scores, guess more competitive matches ahead. Mark your calendar and come to cheer us up!

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My daughter-in-law

Pumpkin’s lacross team played their season finale, losing 5:8. They lost most draws and the opposing team would score. The visiting team’s players are huge and they would run straight through you to score. Size does matter, everywhere.

At the party after the game, a pretty and bubbly sophomore came over to introduce herself and said Pumpkin is so cute. Later I learned that she actually proposed to King. Oh my god. I felt so lucky having such outgoing and beautiful daughter-in-law. But it seemed that King has commitment problem.
Upon hearing it, he demurred: said nothing.
So the future daughter-in-law asked him:
“DON’T you speak English?”
Hahaha .. she has humor too.
But .. but .. her motivation to marry my son is to be Pumpkin’s sister-in-law .. hmmmmmm .. Remember the say that when something is too good to be true is probably not true.

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The big babe big time sport

CIMG6003 CIMG6014 CIMG6010 CIMG6002

Pumpkin’s off to her lacrosse camp soon, the 2nd. The first one she went to was two weeks ago. As soon as we arrived, I was like … Oh mighty!
Her fellow campers were all so so tall, big and strong. And so legally blonde. The parents, mostly moms were all mostly fit and tanned.
When I went to pick her up, I literally had to look through the shoulders of the crowds to find her.

Apparently, Big babes are in every sport, now.

Of the previous camp, she said it wasn’t as rigorously demanding as she thought would be, actually had time to finish the book we advised her to take. This past weekend her coach K asked what would she like to play in college.
She replied without hesitation
Knowing what you’re getting into, it’s fine, great, play to your heart’s content.

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Relaxing after a game

After Pumpkin’s lacrosse game, the opposing team (perhaps had to wait for their bus) began to have fun in the gym .. ..

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Horay, Pumpkin made her lacrosse varsity team. Poor mom I waited for an hour, then saw the three smiling girls piled in and as I was driving, they were still giggling. Girls! pls get hold of yourself 🙂 hehehe .. Congratulations.

I knew she wanted it, after the JV or junior varsity circuit. She’s very disciplined and methodically goes about her business.

The bad news of the day is knows a good friend of ours has breast cancer. She discovered last Christmas during the routine mammogram. Fortunately it’s early stage. Our prayer is with her.

Treasure these you know and close.

The opposing team is having a good time. More pics on their last game on FB

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Her g/f

Pumpkin’s partner Tiffany is a sophomore who loves to coach, or giving tips. I went down to watch with my camera in hand. Pumpkin told her .. that’s my Mom. Tif waved a hello, said “hi Mom ..” So cute. They were leading 2:0. Then Pumpkin served and lost the game with two doubles. The opposing team won their first serving game. It was 2:2. For a moment, I thought I was distracting them. Then Tif played a very smart serving game; Pumpkin’s forehands were really working .. .. their opponents began to falter. Next thing I knew they won the set 8:2 – first to reach the 8th game wins. Tif has a great serving motion .. .. Pumpkin began to bent her knees too.

After the match, I greeted Tif. She came over and gave me a very firm hand shake. Wow. I like a positive and firm hand shake. Shows your sincerity. I dislike the half assed limpy hand shake, especially from a man – pun intended. Tif seems a really nice girl, who knows what she wants and going after it. Her parents try to discourage her from playing tennis (more time on books) but she took a job and pays for herself. She also got accepted at pre-college division at Julliard for bassoon. A go getter.

They know each other from lacrosse but I think the partnership has made them closer.  I’m grateful for her influence on Pumpkin.  Choosing your friends is very important.

Sharon’s Dad said that one other area’s courts have been renovated already too.  I got to check that one out too.

Is south of LIE a tad hickier or what: last time they played a team from the south and the coach brought a huge bag of junky snakes and they littered the wrappers all over the courts.

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Pumpkin’s lacrosse team finally won their first match. She scored 1 and Sharon the Ace Lee doubled it – way to go girls!

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They annihilated us

Last Tue was Pumpkin’s Spring concert. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto #3 was one of three pieces they played. OMG .. was great! In support of all the kids that night, I stayed till the end – Pumpkin’s orchestra was the second of the night.

Lacrosse season is on, she’s scored almost every game abut her team has been losing: new pair of goalies.  The very first game they played, ended up 5:20!  “They annihilated us” she said.  The weather had been unpredictable, so far I haven’t attended a single game yet.

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She scored two goals

Ya, Slowpoke scored 2 goals at today’s lacrosse, but her team still lost.

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