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2014 Manhattan Mixed Doubles Rules

The 7 pages long 2014 rule:

  • Registration fees on TennisLink are $35 (on top of USTA)
  • Registration deadline: 5 December 2013
  • All fees must be paid in full by 29 November 2013
  • Re-scheduling Courts: 1 request before 1 December 2013

Local playoffs
Divisions of 4-7 teams (each team plays every other team in their flight a minimum of two times during the regular season) will send the top two teams to playoffs.
7.0 Mixed: The top two teams from each division will advance to playoffs. The top two teams will receive a bye.

The balance of the seeding is done by percentage. The 3rd place team will play the 6th place team. The 4th place team will play the 5th place team.

Tentative Playoff Dates
The playoff schedule is determined at the sole discretion of the league coordinator and may be altered. Teams will be notified of the exact dates once they are finalized.
● District playoffs: tbd (National Tennis Center)
● Regional Playoffs: May (National Tennis Center)
● Eastern Section Championships : tbd
● National Mixed Doubles: tbd

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总决赛-李娜2-0科娃 首进决赛

Li Na




Serena Williams beats Li Na for WTA title

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A little desperate

2014 Manhattan league’s captains meeting changed venue from Long Island City bar to Cityview. A good up grade. The long lounge looked bit vacant, food was pretty good. Before the meeting, we were forced to listen to the club’s sale pitch. $100 per month membership fee, no initiation fee … A few captains near me said it’s NOT a good deal and one capt even said 13 of his mates, not a single one would take up this offer.


Roster refunds are only given out at the meeting and will be distributed to the Captains/Co-Captains on record.

Because of last season refund issue, I paid a little tension this time. The $35 is for both captain and co-captain if any. Is me misreading the email or it is a MISleading email? Below is the reply from Metro:

The treasurer prepares one refund per team.

Unlike the past meetings, this one seemed like the desperate housewives: the league asked us what can they do ..

  • Pls don’t say ‘you suck’ to new player’s face .. refer them to us, we’ve a better way to suggest them to a lower flight
  • don’t take advantage of new captains because they don’t know anything – the league lost two teams. Didn’t offer how.
  • There is a pool of new players looking to play. What can we do for you to take  some of them on? One suggested make them into a team – not bad idea – that’s how I started on a team with newbies.
  • This year (or last season?) the Treasure has US$10,000 to refund
  • Metro has cash flow problem
  • Would you be willing to pay $38 or $39 per match next season to extend playing time to 2-hour (currently $31 for 1.5 hr)


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Manh 7.0 2014

More team info on TennisLink & this site and a team practice

Date Weekday Time Location Level Home Team Opp Team

  1. 10-Nov, Sun 7:30 PM Roosevelt Island Racquet; v Bailey 1-2
  2. 12-Nov, Tue 9:00 PM Randall’s Island; Seltzer 3-0
  3. 15-Nov, Fri 8:00 PM Roosevelt Island Racquet, Seltzer, 3-0
  4. 2-Dec, Mon 9:00 PM Randall’s Island, 1 v 4, 1-2
  5. 10-Dec, Tue 8:00 PM Westside Tennis Club  3 v 1, 2-1
  6. 16-Dec, Mon 8:00 PM Westside Tennis Club  5 v 1; 3-0
  7. 19-Dec, Thu 9:00 PM CityView Racquet Club  1 v 5; 2-1
  8. 2-Jan, Thu 8:30 PM Westside Tennis Club; Reckler on 1/30, 2-1
  9. 8-Jan, Wed 9:00 PM Randall’s Island, v Rosenberg  1-2; 3-way; update
  10. 24-Jan, Fri 8:00 PM Roosevelt Island Racquet, Rosenberg .5-2.5


Team 1 Eng/Tharin
Team 2 Rosenberg/Bordick
Team 2 Reckler/Drange
Team 4 Bailey/Bailey
Team 5 Melnick/Dawson
Team 6 Seltzer

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Nicholas Barnett Trophy

An in-Conference Regatta (Boat 420/FJ) was racing on the Seneca Lake when we passed by on Route 14. Well, sort of. They only managed one race then the wind stopped. So the kids laying around around on the deck, lawn and in the car, most are studying.


Cornell came 5th of 12:

To start off the fall break weekend Cornell Sailing travelled to the Nicholas Barnett Trophy at Bowdoin College. Duncan Howes ’15 and Lindsey Ludwig ’14 sailing A division, and Collin Clark ’14 and Julie Barbera ’17 sailing B division welcomed the beautiful new venue and dynamic conditions. Saturday provided a great day of racing at Bethel Point. The breeze started out of the N/NE and gradually went to the east as the day went on. 8 A races and 6 B races were completed sailing W-3s, W-4s, and W-5s. After a long delay on Sunday morning, the breeze finally filled in out of the S and settled in to a decent 5-10 knot SE breeze. Three A races and five B races were sailed, all of which were W-4s.

The scores







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Sabres vs Columbus Blue Jackets

The female singer began to sing. For a minute or two I was wondering what the hell she was doing out there. Then it hit me, it’s Canadian national anthem. Hmmmmm … two American teams are playing on their own soil. Something. Maybe Buffalo is so close to Canada, and/or the Canadians’ hold on ice hockey.

Sabres' home

Sabres’ home

More pix. On national anthem, believe me, no one has it better than China and USA. I’ve hard time to decide the March of the Volunteers is better or the Star Spangled Banner Flag is better. The Little Brothers’ is so lame.

Buffalo Sabres gives up a goal in less than two minutes by the goal tender Miller who was on the USA Olympic team – yes he was the goal tender who gave Sidney Crosby’s gold medal wining goal. Other then Miller Sabres doesn’t really have anyone. Oh well. They tied the score at 1 soon after but was defenseless and lost the game 4-1.

Sabres doesn’t have ice chicks. Reportedly Charles Wang started using bikini clayed girls to clean the ice and other teams soon followed. Guess Buffalo isn’t a flashy city -:)
The First Niagara Center (Sabres’ home turf) is so much nicer than the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum.

US$180 with player, $120 without (right)

US$180 with player, $120 without (right)

I spotted Pat LaFontaine (1983-1998, who played for Islanders, Sabres and Rangers) #16 jersey in the crowds. I think the Islanders didn’t want to pay Pat (… he refused to play .. ) so he was traded to Sabres in 1991 but finished his career with the Rangers. He now lives on Long Island.

From wiki:

The Islanders continued to struggle and in 1989, they missed the playoffs for the first time since 1974. In the first game of the Islanders’ next playoff series, in 1990, LaFontaine suffered the first of many concussions, after a controversial, open-ice hit by James Patrick of the New York Rangers. He fell on his head and was unconscious while being taken off the ice on a stretcher. The ambulance he took was delayed en route to the hospital by Ranger fans who rocked and pounded it as it left Madison Square Garden.[1] He was lost for the remainder of the series.

Beer any one?

Beer any one?

Our dinner at Sun was so so.

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Miroslav Šatan

Another NHL player joined the local weekend hackers and played on Golfer’s team last night. Miro who lives in Syosset, Long Island, however left mid way because he did not feel comfortable – not fair. Everyone has a bottom line -:).

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