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How’s my serve after long hiatus?

The first video of my serve after a 20 month hiatus. We’ve a few cold days when the temperature dropped below zero. Today is the first day that’s warm enough to play, and we’ve six players.

I won the first set with a girl, 6-2 but lost the second set with my colorful partner 3-6, though we were leading 3-0 to begin. As it happened, we’re all in black today – maybe we need to add some colors -:)

The pool temp is 76º: heaven on earth. I even found a little shy lizard buddy on deck, who keeps me company.


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Blinding colors 炫目的颜色

What did I do today:

Broke a recycled jar that I loved so much, moved it from New York … so I was heart broken 💔 and late to the pool.

Then when I rushed to the court, did I realize that I didn’t have my sneakers … so ran home to get them.

When I finally walked into the court, my identical twin chastised me for being late, ” … we almost left…” 😂

Then he saw my blinding top and I was instantly forgiven 😹 he had two layers of the flashy color 👍 that carried us, blindsiding our opponents and milked out a meager win 😀

4-6, 6-4, 10-5 (10 pt tie break)

Happy holidays everyone 🎄 🕎 💕 ☮️ stay warm

Someone’s toy – clean the lines.

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A kinder group of people

The pickleball players in my community is defiantly kinder. I played with there today for the first time and every one of them was courteous and willing to give me pointers. Compare to my last play at a neighboring compound, where the opponents faulted me, of course rightfully, for my volleys in the kitchen – they wanted to win that badly, on player who is very raw and inexperienced – doesn’t know much about the game. Sports do give a pretty good read on a person.

I got two wins playing with Joe and Barbara H: thanks!!

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A Giant Win, 2022

15 years later, Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin (with Grey Hanlon) wrote a book on the win – A Giant Win: Inside the New York Giants’ Historic Upset over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. It was published on December 6, 2022. Eli Manning penned the forward.

Nothing is really new, having watched it on the game night. A Season in the Sun (2021) by Lars Anderson is a better read.

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My flip turns

My first underwater video: flip turns: a little too deep …

One of the advice I got is

Pointer – Pracrice rotating your body completely on the turn and THEN push off the wall. Your under water whip is there but is hindered because your body is still turning once you have pushed off the wall. Your whip and streamline (ie, getting faster and smoother off the wall) will improve if you practice this.

Another one

Stay tucked up a second longer and plant your feet close to sideways on the wall.

When you push off, make sure to stretch out (hips up, shoulders back).

During the underwater push off in streamline rotate to your front.

Start kicking when you’re almost on your front, not while you’re still on your back.

… another one

Dolphin kick needs work, feet need to be a tad higher on the wall before flip turn

… one more

To stay more shallow keep your eyes on your knees as you tumble turn.

… another one

To deep and no Rotation, u should touch the wall on your Side not your Back. Have in your head to roll over one shoulder not over your head.

Here is a short video my fellow swimmers sent me: 3 tips for faster turns

  1. start your turn somewhere after the catch but before your finish
  2. avoid using your arms to get your body around. You are already moving …
  3. arms in streamline BEFORE your feet hit the wall

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A great start

Jay and I got to a wonderful start, winning 6-2, serving well.

“Don’t give up, let’s take the second set too.”

“Ok.” I said to my partner as much as to remind myself.


One more game, we’ll bag the win.

However, the tide turned against us, continuously for the next five games when two spectators showed up.

At 5-6, we finally broke them and tied the set at 6-6.



Then … we lost it at 5-7.

Oh well.

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Sunset at the pool

Sunset at the pool A nice evening, at 6pm

My timing is great, without trying hard … after a few times, I finally realized the length must be shorter than usual [Lol]

时间有些好到 不可思议
过了几天 俺 忍不住 去问
回答 “标准池”
俺 “不会吧?” …

然后 人家查了一下
“少了三个yards” [Lol][Lol][Lol] It’s only 22 yards.

明天 不能偷懒了 [捂脸]
刚刚想吹吹牛, 说时间进步了 [呲牙]
结果是退步 [裂开]


Sun rise

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The first bad line call, in a while

An old can of pink tennis balls, with Motorola logo on them

My tennis has been going well, till today. A terrible line call put me back on earth.

At game’s point, my partner hit a beautiful down the line shot and one of opponents, looked at it for a prolonged time, like 30 second, then rendered verdict: OUT.

The opponent violated two cardinal rules:

  1. If you don’t make an immediately out call, which means good and you lose the point.
  2. 99% out, is still 100% IN.

Both rules are correlated and self explanatory. They meant to uphold honesty and fairness.

In play, the player has the right to call when the ball in on her or his side of the court. Although we saw clearly it’s a good ball, but my partner said graciously that it’s their call. The opponent didn’t make an out call. Instead, circled the mark for a good 20 to 30 seconds, asking, is it out. LOL. So pathetic, by asking, the opponent already admitted, either she didn’t see it clearly or couldn’t make up her mind to give us the game, which put us in a commanding lead.

I always think such moment is the moment of truth. You’re struggling with truth or fairness, but struggling with yourself to be a better person (fair and honest) or not to lose.


搭档打了一个很漂亮的球, 在线上. 对手站在球印边问 “是进还是出?”
心灵拷问的瞬间开始上演 其实她是在找借口,拖时间吧? 想做个诚实的人还是不要输掉那一分. 围着那个球印, 左看右看, 拿不定主意. 可怜虫 lol

规矩是 如果不能马上叫 “出”, 那分就是对方的
另外· 看起来99%出 其实就是100%进. 就这么简单 if a ball looks 99% out, it IS still 100% IN.
婊子和牌坊 很难同时拥有.

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My first slam

🥂 cheers 🥂 my first slam, in Bridge.

The top is my partner’s who bid diamond, and bottom mine, responded with heart. Then he insisted diamond for which I passed. My mistake bec I should help him to bid higher.

The winning result achieved when I was the dummie -:) oh well.

俺第一个小满贯 – I was the dummy 也许是赢的关键 [捂脸]

上是搭档的 下是俺的

干杯🍻 🍷

My first grand slam

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A broken damper

🎾 holy moly … I broke my damper [Lol] – don’t even know a damper can be broken.

Coach said, “it’s so old, needed to be broken.” [呲牙]

俺这儿 还新三年 旧三年 缝缝补补又三年那 [调皮]

So 今天就二个学生… 轮流一对二.
4.0小鲜肉 + 教练 都还客气. 俺虽然没有赢 但也没有输love game – 真是自己打赢了几分.

要求不高 时时开心 [调皮]

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