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Mary Pierce

SI, August 23, 1993

  • 1975-01-15, Montreal
  • 1985, 10 years old – picking up tennis
  • 1986, Mary has not had a permanent home or attended school since 1986
  • 1988, the family was asked to leave the Harry Hopman Tennis Academy in Wesley Chapel, Fla
  • 1989, turned pro at the age of 14; USTA’s player-development program withdrew its funding
  • 1993 Aug:  18 years old and ranked No. 14
  • 1995 won Aussie Open
  • 2000 won French Open
  • 2005, reached QF at Wimbledon and F at US Open, to Kim Clijsters
  • 2006 retired
  • prize money $9,793,119
  • Graf (1969.06.14; 1982-1999; $21,895,277; 22 slam titles)

Mary was the power tennis before the Williams sisters. I remembered seeing her out power Steffi Graf. the sound of Mary’s racket striking the ball was far more loud and assertive than the reign queen of the tennis at the time, Graf.

Why did domestic abuse victim stay? Among the tennis prodigies, I feel most tender toward Mary Pierce who had retired in 2006. Not because of her tennis but her turbulent family. She is tall (5’10″/1.78 m) and well-built [strong] but her set of large eyes has uncharacteristic resignation, uncommon for a girl of her age and strength. Although she had won two grand slams but I remembered her for her abusive father. Before I started my genealogy research and poking deep into my own past, I often wondered why didn’t she just pack up and leave. Actually why didn’t other domestic abused victims leave.

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