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Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean

A short swim at Hollywood Beach @ Hollywood, FL. The water is emerald green.

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1.2 miles OWS @ Sand Key

My first open water swimming in years, 1.2 miles at Sand Key Park, came in at 59 minutes. My friend Linda did it in 53 min. Water temp is 69°F. Both of us wear 3mm wet suit (my first) – actually most of 167 swimmers wear wet suit. My leisure time in the pool for 1,000 yard is about 25 minutes: a mile is 1,760 yards, 1.2 m = 2,112 yard.


This race has 5km, 2.4mile, 1.2mile and .5mile length. The first two have bus to take them to their starting point. The later two – walk. Lucky we’ve her husband who took our sandals, camera.

The 167 swimmers: two kids under 14, join the 0.5 mile event. One 75-79 man is in 1.2 miles. Two teen and one 60-64 lady swim 5k meter event.

I haven’t done any real swim for nearly two months – swim a bit before and after tennis as warm up and stretch. So today is a test and I feel great. When I get a little tired I switch to frog front crowl.

My friend is a seasoned outdoor person and brought fruits, multiple towels, shampoo n lotion etc … one would think these are so basic but I forgot them all; and also forgot my wallet: paid my lunch with Apple Pay. Maybe it’s the convenience of Apple wallet that I don’t bring my wallet often.

Getting up at 5:30, 5:57 waiting for the car pool outside 7:14, get to the park 8:08, walking toward our 1.2 miles starting point 8:30, race begins 9:28, I’m out of water – made it 10:30, award ceremony It’s a great race. My first time wearing a 3mm wetsuit to swim. Although I haven’t do any serious swim for months, but I didn’t struggle. I’m ok with my time. With some practice, I can improve

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Blue Dolphin, we christen it

Finally we’ve our Sea Eagle kayak‘s launching ceremony 下水典礼 at E.G. Simmons and christen it Blue Dolphin.

… more pix n videos on Google Maps

We purchased it in May 2023. Seriously I could NOT believe myself not using it sooner.

Shortly off the kayak launch ramp at E.G. Simmons, we encounter a dolphin or two. It/they followed us for good 10 minutes. I just thought Dolphin would be an appropriate name for our kayak. And Linda added Blue.


So Blue Dolphin it is.

The inflatable Sea Eagle 380x is very solid and spacious. The seats we purchased (not inflatable) are comfortable.

终于 昨天我们的 kayak 小划艇举行了下水典礼 – 去年 5 月买它以来, 说实话, 我不敢相信自己没有早点使用它. 天天在忙啥呀

命名蓝海豚 因为一下水就被海豚追随 – 这个公园多海牛.

… more kayaking trips


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Polar plunge @ Antarctic

Ok, I did it again, this time at Antarctic, which I’m officially checking off polar plunges from my bucket list. I did Arctic in 2022.

The water temp is 44° Fahrenheit (about 6° Celsius) at 5:40pm. This time, the ship designated a staff to use our phone to video the event, which is really good. I didn’t try to swim this time.


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Pool at Sofitel

The swimming pool at Sofitel is bit small and can certainly use some cleaning. The moldy tiles or the grout is pretty disgusting.

There is a full time staff watching over the gym, sauna room, and the pool. They/he bring drinks to the pool side.

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Swimming in the rain

Ok, is this wet enough? So just you know, the rain drops can be pretty painful when landing on your head and lip.

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The last swim of 2023

My second medley, in correct order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

One of my goals of the year is to swim the butterfly.

… and …

I did. One goal fulfilled.

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My first medley IM

🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄 peep!

A yucky day, our 9am tennis is rained out. So I stayed in the 80° pool for 0.5 mile. I also swam and recorded my very first individual medley, with the wrong order. The correct order is butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Guess I don’t watch enough swimming events, or watched but not paying close attention. Oh well, senior moment.

By the way, relay order goes differently, by speed: backstroke breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle the.

🎄 🎄 🎄

☔️ 🎾没的打 只有泡池子了

闲得慌 游了第一个 IM 混合
嗯 顺序错了 [偷笑]

8️⃣8️⃣一下 应是: 蝶 仰 🐸 自由[呲牙]

继续努力 大妈加油 [调皮]


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My first butterfly video

One of this year’s goals has met: swim the fly stroke. Although a lot of implements are needed but I can swim the length of the pool and back. So it’s an achievement for little old me.

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Tennis & diving

It’s a glorious day for tennis.

Better yet, I won all my three sets with three guys. We played at vl.

… perhaps because I wear my dive shop’s t shirt – how do I look? -:)


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