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This, has to stop

While taking shower at Equinox this morning after the 8:30 yoga, a knocked on the shower door and was opened by a white woman (I’ve seen her around in the locker room). She’s looking for her thing. There was a line waiting for shower booth. I was angry and called her an a…. for lack of a better word. When I came out of the shower, two ladies were still waiting to shower (both from my yoga class) and the door-opener was still looking for her thing.

I called down to the front desk and identified myself and asked someone to come up, to remedy the situation, since the door-opener was still looking for her thing – whatever the thing was.

This was the SECOND time that a rude woman opened the door looking for her thing. The first time I was waiting online and saw the episode (I know the woman in the shower; didn’t know how she feel but I felt violated! Feeling unsafe). I didn’t remember the woman other than she spoke Farsi and was looking for her hair pin. A hair pin! (She found it and was gone immediately.)

Didn’t know if anyone has come up and if she did anything.

I hope that the club would response to such incident quickly and decisively. The door opener lingered in the shower area after I was done. A timely response might help her – she need some help?

Maybe a lock is needed for the shower door?

P.S. after a brief emailing with the club, I was told

After speaking to the member she assured me that she didn’t intend to create an unconformable situation for you. It was a lapse in judgment in a panic of looking for her bag. She assured me going forward this will not happen again.
With that the issue is resolved.

With what??? How one sided.

The email writer said the manager was informed. A few months later at the club, I ran into the skipper who had NO idea what had happened. Maybe a different manager, I hope?

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Autumn in the park

It hit 72 degrees in the park, a good time for yoga!

IMG_6678. IMG_6731 good image   IMG_6656 IMG_6662  IMG_6692

image image image

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A day for yoga


more here

IMG_6645 IMG_6683 IMG_6682IMG_6678 IMG_6676 IMG_6666IMG_6662 good IMG_6653 IMG_6652IMG_6649 IMG_6834 IMG_6821IMG_6817 IMG_6770 IMG_6766IMG_6744 IMG_6742 IMG_6736 IMG_6733 IMG_6723 IMG_6720 IMG_6716 IMG_6704 IMG_6695 IMG_6687 IMG_6838 IMG_6633

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At Mattituck

Clear water is just too seductive, too hard to resist. SO I jumped in with my yoga outfit. The water is cold but bearable. My skin turned purple, ok just kidding.
IMG_6471 IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6470 IMG_6474 IMG_6477 ok

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Yoga at the Mattituck

IMG_6346 IMG_6221 B IMG_6345 IMG_6339 IMG_6335 IMG_6329 IMG_6327 B IMG_6323 IMG_6315 IMG_6311 IMG_6308 IMG_6305 IMG_6299 IMG_6289 IMG_6283 IMG_6278 IMG_6273 IMG_6272 IMG_6271 IMG_6274 IMG_6270 IMG_6268 IMG_6261 B Good IMG_6242 IMG_6235 IMG_6231 IMG_6227

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More yoga

IMG_6204 IMG_6151 B IMG_6155 B IMG_6161 B IMG_6164 B IMG_6169 B IMG_6171 B IMG_6175 B IMG_6183 IMG_6189 IMG_6192 IMG_6206

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Yoga on the jetty

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Yoga with the seagulls

I walked to the end of the jetty but almost fall: very slippery: the tide made it extremely filmy.

.. with a seagull

.. with a seagull

seagull, my bff

seagull, my bff




IMG_6545 IMG_6547 IMG_6546 IMG_6551 IMG_6555 IMG_6528 B

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Mets All Time Team

SNY – Sports New York is showing it now,  a 2012 event, in celebrating Mets 50th Anniversary. It’s hosted by Kevin Burkhardt who just moved to Giants, with Howie Rose and Gary Cohen (two NY Jew who know Mets so well..). A few players I knew and most I don’t:

  • Davey Johnson as manager
  • Mike Piazza (C),
  • Keith Hernandez (1B),
  • Edgardo Alfonzo (2B),
  • Jose Reyes (SS)
  • David Wright (3B)
  • Carlos Beltran (CF),
  • Darryl Strawberry (RF)
  • Cleon Jones (LF)
  • Tom Seaver (RHP) pither
  • Jerry Koosman (LHP)
  • Roger McDowell (RHP)
  • Tug McGraw (LHP)

However, when Right Fielder Darryl Strawberry walks out, onto the stage, the audience stands up. They stand up again when Darryl walks off the stage. Tom Seaver got a standing ovation too (the three pitchers I knew did not win). When it’s over, all the elected players get on the stage again with the hosts, Darryl is the tallest of them all.

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Yoga at the First Lady Water Garden

During the weekend at the U.S. Botanic Garden.
IMG_5813 - Copy

This little enchanting place is called the First Lady Water Garden, in honor of our nation’s First Ladies.

IMG_5812 IMG_5326 IMG_5336

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