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7-5 n 8-6

Two tight tie breaks after a long pause due to the Covid-19. One of my partners drinks beer during the play, as early as 6am. Today, I saw my opponent drinks wine. “No, it only water!”

Two very tight sets with two different peacocks. Oh boy.

🎾 YES yes 🎾 two tiebreaks 7-5 & 8-6

孔雀男 “我在xx 打. 三缺一”
老太婆 … 俺头发还没有干 …
“快点 10 分钟哈”

二个多月没有碰🎾了 [捂脸]
终于 [愉快][玫瑰]

俺 “不可骂我 要客气点”
微发福的孔雀男 “你好好打不就不挨骂了”
… 这么多年俺平时那个老好人搭档是怎么挺过来的呀 …

长话短说 … 挺艰难的 但是我们赢了
酒男:是水 水 水 [太阳]

俺问 “他没来?” 所以叫俺
“嗯 婴儿不肯睡觉”
我们一起打了第二局 赢8-6
很多时候想掐死他 … 但是一个惊心动魄的来来回回 俺就打消了念头
他比发福的原孔雀男还🦚 … 经常旋转360

回家路上走想 … 对手绝对低不过2个孔雀 what was he thinking?

今天刚刚是星期一 …
The week is still very young [呲牙]

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Three hidden courts

They’re behind two houses, and surrounded by many more.  Unfortunately, we could only stop-by not to play


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