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Day 6 @ China Open

It’s the semi final at China Open 2019.

After getting lost & seeing the sunset, I finally made it to the Open via subway/Metro. But first thing first: there is NO cross road from the Lincui subway station to the stadium. You run as fast as you can while the cars non stop coming. I never said living in Beijing is easy.


See the multiple outlet power strip on the rail – in the red circle … Oh my.

And yes, the railing obstructs our view.

We watched the women’s singles Caroline Wozniacki losing 4 and 2 to Naomi Osaka who went on to win the tourney. Dominic Thiem beating Stefanos Tsitsipas, 3–6, 6–4, 6–1 to win men’s title.

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China Open day 2

Tickets are plentiful but I couldn’t purchase because the site didn’t seem to be available. The Diamond 钻石球场 is the main venue, is nearly empty. The upper level is $54 (¥380) and $115 (¥800) for the box seats, day or nigh session. Tickets for the Lotus 莲花球场 is $15 (¥100) for the whole day.

Oct 5, Day 6

The stadium is only a few years old but there are signs of aging or poor workmanship. The forecast is a sunny day but there is NO blue skies. This lady is wearing a massive mask.

The first pair up is Murray vs Berrettini 母雷 对 杯雷踢泥, followed by Dominic Thiem won over Richard Gasquet and Sloane Stephens vs Zhen Saisai. Murray has many fans. After the match, he tossed his sweat drenched t shirt to the crowds and two men broke into a fight over it. A team of security men came out almost immediately … Murray tossed them another.

There are curtains by the entrance to the seats. For what?

Another odd ball is Sofitel: instead having a plain stand to promotion their brand, they’ve a food concession. The water is regulated by the sponsoring brand. So when I ask for two bottles of water, the girl said they don’t have it. A guy nearby came over, said to her, “sell her this brand but put them into two paper cups.”

Why any organizer would make water supply so difficult? Especially when there isn’t a water fountain – China’s tap water is not readily drinkable…

A woman dressed in red came out with two women in toe, holding a gold plate with balls. Thiem signs them and hits out. Because the stadium is so empty, two of the balls falls back to court – no one is there to catch them.

Beijing Open – getting there was some story.




相遇就是缘分 [玫瑰]

球童需要训练 – 没眼力见

5⃣️ 怪她吗?艳阳天的预报 但是没有蓝天
7⃣️ 帘子是干嘛的?

后面一个爱说的小姑娘 她重多的经典之一是 “…外国人的味道 …”

二个男粉为了争母丢的汗水浇灌的衣服 … 大打出手 😱 五个保安立马出现 [奸笑]

Day 11, Oct 2: BTV, Beijing TV board cast the Bianca Andreascur’s match against …. At 6:40pm, Anderascu has the match point, the announcers say, “we’ll see you tonight.”

What is this??? A point a away from the match, they cut it off.

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