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6-3, 6-1, 3-6

A fabulous sunset. A girl is cleaning the court and making the line, 2020

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Team shirts, with initials

My last league wasn’t memorable. For reason unbeknown to me, one of my former teammates, recommended me to a 6.0 team, and the two captains won’t take no for an answer. Not that I mind the level but I really had no interest to join.

After joining, I discovered that I didn’t enjoy the team at all.

First, the atmosphere was bit cutthroat – that teammates were pretty ruthless to elk out a win. Hello, I play for fun – which was the reason I didn’t want to join.

Second, many players were under rated. … This is a long topic but I’ll stop here.

Third, the two captains were divorced and are now dating. They went out as to put their initials on the shirt and forced us to buy. This was a first. The shirt is pretty ugly …

Fourth, they didn’t know or don’t want to know how to handle the game payment, and held on to my over pay for years. Funny, years later, one of them started calling me to fill in … and when I asked for a refund, the captain said “oh, then I won’t charge you tonight.” The nighty game fee was 1/3 less than the USTA league’s. Oh well.

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6-2, 6-1, 7-5

It’s a victorious day.  The sky looks muddy … hope all is well with the west  coast CA and OR…

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Golfing, after a long while

It’s been a while for us, to golf.

This is what Tiger does

… and this is what I do or did… in my PJ, sorry.

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The last swim, 2020

This is probably the last open water swim for me in 2020.

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We played like champs

ha ha ha

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Daniil Medvedev vs Dominic Thiem

Mens semi final at US Open today. Carreño Busta (doesn’t he look like Ben Affleck? ⇓) lost to Zverev after winning the first two sets.

Medvedev’s sarcastic manner isn’t endearing. (⇑ middle: Still remember the bad hair cut of the Russian male players back then?) He was born in Moscow in 1996, tuned pro in 2014 and prize money is $11.2 mil, average $1.8 a year. Thiem (⇑ right) born in Austria in 1993, turned pro in 2011 and his prize money is $23.8m, average $2.3 a year. Neither of them have won a grand slam.

This US Open pays $3m to the winner (1.5 m to runner up), semi final takes home $800k. The two are fight over the second spot in the final, it’s $1.5m or $3m, and $800k difference in prize.

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Eked out a game

Five tennis bums got a game on a rainy day …

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Cindy Crawford & Tsvetana Pironkova

Ok, don’t they look alike?  [呲牙]

Serena is playing Tsvetana Pironkova of Bulgaria for the spot in the semi final in the US Open. Both are mothers. Actually there are three moms in the quarter: Victoria Azarenka too.

像不像? [Onlooker][呲牙] 二个妈妈在🎾场上较量 … 小威 [强]

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More matches

More 🎾 look-alike @ the US Open

Doesn’t Victoria Azarenka look like FB’s Mark Zuckerberg? She’s probably more man than him …  The match between Alex de Minaur of Australia and Deminic Thiem of Austria is pretty good … don’t you think de Minaur look like Hitler?


1⃣️ 盗图 [呲牙] 她也是妈妈 … 叫春的声音震耳欲聋. 比小扎还男人 😂 2⃣️ 希特勒了? 3⃣️ 为数极少的单反 [强] 秀秀气气的像谁? 希望他明天打死那个🇷🇺 讨厌鬼 [呲牙] 主持人问 “混双你会选谁?” “小威” [呲牙] 都有幽默

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