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Day 3: at the Open

the officers

the racket

the cars

the ball boys

the star

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Jericho High School

August 24, 2012 at Jericho High

August 24, 2012 at Jericho High

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Still ?

I saw Zhang Shuai in 2009 trying to qualify for the main draw. Three years on, she is still trying hard. I thought she’d be within top 10 or 20 by now. Zhang won that match pretty convincingly but only made into the women doubles with Chia-Jung Chuang from Taiwan.

Later I saw Kai-Chen Chang who’s trying to qualify too. She lost that match.

Ran into friends left and right ..

qualifying round at NTC

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Dr. Steak

Dr. Zheng is a masseurs – tuina 推拿 manipulative therapy, referred to me by a friend. Many tennis friends use him. He’s from Shanghai and reportedly was a doctor who charges $60 for an hour, expect no tips.

Pumpkin visited him three times and decided no more. I decided to get some treatment from him. On my first visit on the table, he was very quiet, except asking a few questions (i.e. how did I get hurt) and providing some suggestions (i.e. rest more …). However on my second visit, seeing I continuously play tennis, without needed rest, he couldn’t restrain himself:
“Why couldn’t you just take a break from playing??!!”
More painful kneeling. The Summer Olympic in London has just ended.
“It’s not like you’ll get a gold medal.”
More hurtful pulling. His dismay grew:
“You don’t get a gold medal or silver medal. You won’t even receive a steak.”
金牌, 银牌, 牛排 In Chinese steak thryms wth medal.

The friend who referred me to him, told me:
“Don’t tell him that. Just say you stopped playing but still hurt ..” She continued: “Xiao Lee,” a 4.0 player as well as a great dancer, “tells him that he got hurt from dancing.”
We’re all kid or fools at some point when it comes to tennis.

A few years ago, I received a call from a great tennis player during my party at home. ..
You guessed it right: I abandoned my friends, let them finished the party themselves and went to play.

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