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The last of the five matches

It’s a 50° day, perfect for a warm drink: my bean-milk

So, we played the last game of the five week long team tourney: we won 3 out of eight, failing to be the spoiler, unfortunately.

One match, our mates got cheated with bad line call, detail will follow.

Some mates played three matches while I played only two:

  1. w/ Dave, vs Beth n Melanie: 11-4
  2. w/ Bev, vs Beth n Melanie: 7-11

With Dave, at 6, we forgot to switch. I won the next point, at 7:3:2. After switching side, I said, “let’s start from 6 …” We played it out and won 11-4. After it done, my partner pulled me aside, said, “never again to give a point away.”

“What if they disagree?” I said.

“Let me deal with it.”

… I understand his point of view, totally. But this is a neighborly tourney .. oh well. I don’t have killer instinct. Silly me.

Both matches went well. However, Linda’s match was marred with bad line calls.

Afterward, I went to swim. The water temperature is 76°: couldn’t be better!

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Team tourney: the 4th

We played the second to the last team tournament. Due to the contractor’s change of schedule, I missed last week’s play when my mates won 5 out of 8 games: my team is better off without me -:).

Today’s games are flawless, everyone, us and opponents played well and no bad line calls at all.

My 3 games:

  1. w/ Bev, v. Matt / Bob: 1-11
  2. w/ Linda, v. Tia / Jeff, 11-9
  3. w/ Barb v. Matt / Tia, 1-11

Ultimately, we won 4 and lost 4 games from the #1 standing team the Kitchen Crew. Their cumulative total win is at 23 (us at 14). One more match to go, against the current #2 who had 18 wins.

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Unbelievably bad line calls

It’s the Thanksgiving Day, and I’m thankful for my family and friends and foes in my life, and an interesting life I lead so far.

I started my day with a warm up swim, then tennis, pickleball, and capped the morning with another short swim – static stretching. I know the verdict (if the static stretching after a game is good or suitable …) is out there, and swimming is certainly NOT static stretching, but I like to do it, to relax.


I’m still trying to correct my serve: to keep my left tossing arm high longer and eliminate waiter’s tray (why is waiter’s tray no good?)

Two double faults in my first serve game – I didn’t practice much in between matches – my bad. Bad line calls one after another; one of the opponents said he can bagel me. I replied, “not off me.” I thought I was going to have a relaxed game on a holiday, but it turned out not to be the case. So I reverted back to my waiter’s tray serve. We lost 4-5, 5-3, 4-5 (first to five and 1 point decides a game – no deuce).


Played with a new group of players. The best player (3.5 – apparently there is a rating in pb? ) in the group teamed herself up with her husband who’s equally good, vs me and one guy who’s also a newbie. The couple has been playing for more than three years. I’d think they would split up to make the game more interesting, which is the way I would have done. Oh well. We lost 2-11.


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Pickleball team tourney #2

We played our second game today, against the Crushers that had 4:4 from week 1. I played two matches

Needless to say, I played terribly. What’s happening? Afterward, I played with one of the opponent who said, “it’s so difficult to play with you. You need to come up. You’re playing tennis on the pickleball court.”

So right.

Oh Gosh.

  1. with Ava v. Nancy n Beth, 7-11
  2. with David v John n Beth, 9-11

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Five week pickleball tourney

Today starts the five-week long tournament, with six teams, each team has 7 players.

Bad line calls are prevalent. During our first game, there were two bad calls from my shot to the right side of the line. We lost to them 9-11.

The next game, there was a bad line call again. One of the spectators said it was good. One of the opponents said, it was their call. So the out stayed. A little moment later, my partner called their shot out, the same opponent said that we were event. It didn’t sit with me well. I let go the close calls, always thinking that 99% out is still 100% in. Oh well.

The standings

  Teams Nov 07 Nov 14 Nov 28 Dec 05 Dec 12 Total
 Day Dinkers Nov 7   6  1  5  4  5  21
 Fireballs  2  3  5  4  3  17
 Del Sol Blue Nov 28   0  2  3  5
 Mid Court Crisis Dec 12  4  6  4  4  5  23
 Crushers Nov 14   4  5  3  3  5  20
 Kitchen Crew Dec 5#1  8  7  4  4  3  26

Pickleball five weeks tourney

这次是分几个队赛 双打
俺打了三场 只赢了最后一场. 太多好球被对方叫出界 [吐][抓狂]
11-13: 二次
9-11: 一次

俺修养不够 会不高兴一阵儿[偷笑]
教练常说 好球被对方叫出界 是不可避免的. 完全知道 所以俺通常不叫近线球
… 游泳就不会有这种情况 [偷笑]

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My first pickleball lesson

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙嘛 – he ran the big pickleball tournaments, including the one at USTA.

Byron is our pickleball head coach, likes to call me Miss Irene. He gives private lessons, both individually  and with group up to four.

My first lesson with him is fruitful. He’s a good coach, in that, he builds on what you’ve.

“Take your time.”

CAN you imagine, taking time to line up shot in pickleball? Time, is what the sport doesn’t have. All goes quickly and intuitive reaction. But listen to him repeatedly, I do see the point: that, I do have time to pause, see where the ball is coming from and where it would likely to land.

He likes my forehand topspin, “I was never a good tennis player,” he would say. Toward end of the hour, he suggested two paddles. I tried them both and liked them both. He sells at cost. So I’ll have a new paddle … my last tennis racket purchase was a century ago -:)

He was at my first pro pickleball tourney which was held at USTA in 2022. He remembered the Jewish graduation ceremony. “That was the first time. I went there this May again. It’s annual event now.” He’s the chief umpire.

Jack Sock got destroyed …” he said. I last saw Sock playing was this April, at Sarasota Open. How did he degrade into such low state? He was once No. 8 in singles (2017.11.20) and #2 in doubles (on 10 Sept 2018) in tennis.

Although pickleball is easy to get into, but to master it, request the same hard work -:) duh. “The top pros make over $1m and the top 1 or 2 travels with their trainers. … A pro team sells for $5m. Tom Brady, Kim Clijsters, etc. are owners.” According to him, Clijsters lives in Florida with her three children.

After the lesson, he said, “you’re going to play tennis …” Of course I’m -:).


一堂课下来 累死了

他说 “明天又去打网球🎾…”
俺 “施压”
简直糟蹋他的时间 [偷笑]

6⃣️ 是去年俺第一次看皮克职业赛 … 他是那里大拿 大碗 大大大

鸟枪换炮 [偷笑]




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Oh boy, so petty, so dumb …

Just played my second pickleball tourney (the rained out day from Thur)… feeling the urge to share this video: 2019 Wimbledon when Jelena Ostapenko hits Alize Cornet with a serve and … wins the point. Oh ya, rightfully so.

Ok, if you’re not familiar with USTA rules, you might feel for Cornet’s ‘outrage’ but in fact, I think she’s full of shxt – being on tour and being a pro for so long and doesn’t know this basic rule? Come on, get real and stop acting. Even I knew Jelena Ostapenko wins the point – thanks to my usta league days, which is regardless intensional or unintentional (this isn’t the point here).

Most weekend warriors, usually don’t bother with game’s rules other than to count scores. Therefore, many funny things happen, such as this one, when I played with other groups who don’t know much about the rules, they always refuse to believe, and won’t take the point.

I thought of this episode when I played today.

I’ve not played since my first a month ago. So I was rustic with the game as well as with the rules: I charged in without waiting for the return to bounce, and then three-pete by failing to call the score before I served.

Just so you know, not calling out the score before serve, warrens a void (couldn’t remember the exact word they used), regardless I/we won or lost the ensuing point.

As it happened, I lost all three times.

As it happened, the pro was watching, who provided concise commentary and affirmed the rule. One would think that would be the end of it.

As it happened on our court with three women and 1 gent, which was the first set of the day. After my first failing to call out the score (after I charged in without bounce), the man walked off the court and over to the pro between the points, and said something unintelligible to me. Although it looks like “mommy I want milk” -:), it feels odd, and a little guilty (might be it was me he went to complain??) – even this group isn’t all that competitive – if they’re, I won’t have made into playoff the last time, would I? – but good natured, I apologized, yelled out loud, that due to my lack of playing, not familiar with the rules, if that causes you discomfort, I apologize, totally hoping to smooth thing out and get on with the play.

After my third crime – totally dumb on my part, but again, I’ve told you repeatedly that I’m pretty dumb, haven’t I? The man argued loudly, with the pro too. A few moments have passed, with patiently waiting, I finally asked him, “How long have you played pickleball?” … so you might know the rule, better … so we may move on?

“As long as you’re.” He said. That, didn’t sit well with me. I asked you a valid question with respect, please return in kind.

Now, I’m wondering, who’s dumber, me three-peat or him saying as long as: in fact, how could he know how long have I played? My contempt is same as for Alize Cornet: garbage. Please be real and respectful.

They won the set 11-4. I played him again later, and at 6-4, he quit due to an injury. Whatever. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Teammates I played with

  1. Mary 3-11
  2. Angela 4-11
  3. Steve 11-4
  4. Donni 5-11
  5. Alicia 6-4
  6. John 11-4

The last set with John was really enjoyable. He was my partner at the playoff and I felt I ruined his chances to win. He’s very polite and provides me with many pointers even as we played. I’m very grateful and feeling lucky, Thanks J! Actually, many players are willing to help me out, with rules and reminders. Some even says to my partner to “help her out.” THANK YOU ALL!

The other team in red won the tourney. Afterward, when I returned to court after washing the glasses my teammate lent me (THANK you mate!), he was there again with the pro, talking. After seeing me, he stopped, silently waiting for me to leave. What’s more could be said? Rule is rule, dude. SO petty. So non stop, like the bunny the energizer.

if you think women are petty and non stop nagging. Think again.

I’m petty and nagging in writing and posting this.

2019 年温布尔登网球公开赛,耶莱娜·奥斯塔彭科 (Jelena Ostapenko) 发球击中艾莉兹·科内特 (Alize Cornet),并……赢! 哦, 是的, 确实如此. … Cornet 婊 职业生涯这么久 还不知道这个 基本规则? 演啥戏呀 😂 (非常好笑的是 有二次🎾 发生 对方不肯相信我的解释 硬是把分塞给我们)
想起这个是因为第一局一矮胖男 喊打喊杀的和教练争论一个规则.

Pickleball injuries could cause $500 million in medical costs, analysts say I’m not surprised: it’s easy to pick up and play, that’s why it’s so popular. How many of them are doing proper warm up and stretch afterward?

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My first pickleball playoff

😊 made into my very first pickleball playoff: 16 players in seven rounds. I won 29 points (winning team awards the difference of the two scores; losing team receives 0). In the play off – the 8th round, three big boys took 🥇, silver and bronze medal 🥉 … little Irene left empty hand 😂 (wait a second – I can always change my gender … right? 😆 😂)

I played probably less than 10 times in total, even counting in the few times in new Yoek, and am still making elementary mistakes, like volley in the kitchen and hit a return without bouncing, … on top of it, my hitting arm is in pain. Having missed last tourney, I decided to play no matter what. (Not play, my ❤️ will be in pain … so two pains vs one pain, a simple math 🧮) Glad I did. A little improvement: can manage the scores without mistake 😊

Big hearty thanks to all my eight partners!

All have a great Memorial Day – very grateful to those who served!

The result

  • #1 Mary 11-0 vs Linda and Melany
  • #2 Angela 4-11, man n Mary
  • #3 Linda 5-11,  Bob n Angela
  • #4 Bob 12-10, Mary Marc
  • #5 Marc 10-2, Linda n guy
  • #6 Smallot 5-11, Melany and Bob
  • #7 Melany 11-4 Marc and Angela
    I won 29 points ⇑ before the playoffs ⇓
  • #8 John, 5-11, Bob & Wilson

打进第一个匹克球 (?) 决赛 [得意]
不打心会痛 所以 忍痛上阵[偷笑]
能够进决赛 狠高兴☺️
要求不高时时开心 [呲牙]

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NCAA 2023 @ USTA National Campus

10000 Usta Blvd
Orlando, FL 32827

Lake Nona Central, Lake Nona

A very nice tennis facility, now it also offers pickleball courts. The area is new and nicely planned, so is usta campus, which has five indoor courts at a near by building, a little walk from the main entrance/office. Plenty outdoor courts.

Wives’ resting place?

I often see humorous signs outside the jewelry, shoe or clothing stores. Today, the two of us are waiting – one of the rare moments, the wives are waiting for their husbands cloth shopping.

The on site retail store is decently stocked. I liked a Nike greenish skirt but they don’t have my size. I debated … and let go. I’ll find something that fits.


We came down here for the NCAA tennis semi final championships. Only an hour in, rain  came down. After the lunch, rain  pouring down again. Apparently, they played again out door briefly during our lunch. But after, they decided to move indoor.

The indoor courts has three tows of bleachers at one end, very limit space for spectators. NCAA limit the indoor to players, coaches and families. We went in anyway – we were perhaps the only one there.

The condition of the courts are great. The ponds do add charms to the compound.

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Swim, pickleball and bridge

A busy day: watched pickleball, played bridge and did 20 laps in the pool.

CJ Jackson and Tony Roig came to teach and demonstrate some wonderful skills.

At bridge, when 4 cards left in the hand, I suddenly realize that I’ve 8 cards …

Long story short, I picked up a trick -:))) … stealing or what? Senior moment


大脑进水 还是什么的 – 顺手把trick 也拿了
偷鸡摸狗的 [捂脸]

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