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Happy Chinese New Year, the Niu Year

The Year of Ox, happy 牛 Niu Year.

I played 3 sets, and lost them all. The guys, all the bad boys just won’t give me a break. Oh boy. 🙂 Great games guys .. Thanks. The 4th set we were on serve but unfortunately time ran out.

Kids had mid term (why does the school have the mid term on the Chinese New Year?) and came home early. Pumpkin said with a poker face,
“So Mom, you got up at 6 .. ” Needn’t to say more.

On the way out of the tennis center, few of us were talking about a regular game on a weekday AM at da USTA. I was too quick to say yes. My right ankle wasn’t 100% since 12/5 at the parking lot at the pool. My forehand was tender. I only served 1 set. Last Friday I served for the entire 2 hours. Alex and I against Andy and Kevin. We did just fine. .. .. IF I want to play the full summer season, I probably best to rest bit more? No? Not playing hurts even more. 烧包 .. I could always go to swim !! But somehow, it differs from tennis.

Two Fridays ago, I visited a tui na – massage – Mr. Sun whom I visited few times prior. Telling the gentleman that here and there hurt and I have game to play .. .. .. so he asked if it’s a tourney, tournament.
“No, it isn’t. It’s just a regular game.”
I don’t think a sane person could or would understand.

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Vanderbilt YMCA


Passing by this Y (224 E 47th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave), I couldn’t help but to go in. King went in with me. I used to swim there, pre-King era. Now he’s taller, much taller than I’m .. .. Time never flies.

The pool is still the same, even I joked if they had move it, because the lobby had changed: a gym had added .. once open area now looks like a box cutter.

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Al Oerter Recreation Center in Flushing

The new Al Oerter rec center in Flushing, next to the pool.


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Reconsidering Plaxico Burress

The Giants lost its first play off game. It won only 1 game out of 6 since Plaxico shot himself in the leg. It’s noble to set a strict rule or example, but I thought the quick decision made by Giants was too harsh . He was not even convicted, doesn’t the law say you’re innocent till proven guilt? Why shouldn’t he be given the same opportunity? Drunk drivers and drug dealers all get to enjoy it.

When can the government or SEC learn from the sporting leagues, that rules do apply and that accountability means something. I don’t think that a coach or a player who fails to perform and they would be showing the door with a $250m bonus or severance package. Same goes to the government officials, look at Hillary who ran for higher office for 1 or 2 years while still being paid as NY senator. She wasn’t doing her job, why should she still have that job when she failed to win the nomination? Shouldn’t they resign from the post to run?

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