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At the 9th St Park

Morning yoga at the 9th Street Park in Benicia, CA.  More here and here.

IMG_1468 IMG_1448 IMG_1453 IMG_1457 IMG_1442 - Copy IMG_1427 IMG_1406 IMG_1399 IMG_1405

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Something old in CA?

Morning yoga at the 9th Street Park in Benicia, CA.  More here and here.

IMG_1482 IMG_1491 IMG_1492

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Yoga at 9th St Park

Benicia, CA. Something old?

IMG_1514 IMG_1508 IMG_1527 IMG_1529 IMG_1505 IMG_1496

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Yoga @ Lobos

Point Lobos

DSCN7260 DSCN7263 IMG_1577 DSCN7273 IMG_1515 IMG_1523 IMG_1575 IMG_1559 IMG_1546 IMG_1536 IMG_1527 DSCN7257 - Copy

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Did some yoga at the Lovers Point.

IMG_1453 IMG_1440 IMG_1434 IMG_1430 IMG_1415 IMG_1419

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Season 2015-6

First week of the 30-week long winter season.
IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703

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Cultural gap

Pains, in sports. Google 林书豪球场上被打 (Jeremy Lin was beaten on the court) in YouTube, the two top two videos are:

  1. 球迷製作影片為林書豪打抱不平, (Fans of Jeremy Lin make video to fight for justice) 6:30 long, made 5 months ago. Montage of
  2. 血戰勝騎士 豪迷心疼 (winning the bloody battle over Knights, Lin’s fans are distressed) 2:14 long, made 3 years ago. A game between NY Knicks and Knights

2016-09-20-8 2016-09-20-10 2016-09-20-12

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2015 US Open

The Open

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Women’s doubles final

Espn broadcast a few doubles matches – thanks and way to go. Martina Hingis and Sania Miraz beat C. Dellacqua and Y. Shvedova 6-3 and 6-3, collecting $570,000.

image image image

Wondering how or what do the doubles players do with a single trophy? Your home one month or year and mine?

image image image

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Steffi, Monica and Serena

Having watched the sisters’ terrific match last night, at the net they embraced tightly. I was tearing up. They faced each other in the US Open five times, grand slams 13 times and 27 times in total over their career so far.

My gut feel is, this moment would not happy too often in the future.

The talk of grand slam, which means winning all four slams in the same calendar year is filling the air. On the eve of Serena’s much anticipated win at the US Open this Saturday, a comparison to Steffi Graf, the woman who last accomplished this in 1988 is due.

I was a Graf fan and, I’m still is one now. I loved her single hand backhand. Her quietness. Her shyness. Graf was the last woman who collected all four grand slam trophies in the same year. And more. Because of the 1988 Summer Olympics @ Seoul, South Korea. She won the gold medal too, hence the Golden Slam. To repeat this, it’s nearly impossible.

Talking about Graf’s achievement without mentioning Monica Seles is, just simply not fair. All three top players have some issues. This google sheet shows the three most recent dominate female players

  • 1993.04.30 Monica was stabbed by a Graf’s fan.
    • Graf who had won 11, went on to win another 11, without Seles, her main rival.
    • Seles who had won 8 before the stabbing, only won one more in 1996 in Australia.
  • Serena’s US Open controversies
    • 2004 quarterfinal match against Jennifer Capriati,
    • 2009 semifinal against Kim Clijsters
    • 2011 final against Samantha Stosur

I’ve no doubt, Serena would have won more without these controversies.

Graf lucked out.

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