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Jumps into the Arctic Ocean

Jumping into the Arctic Ocean and swim in its freezing cold water is an experience. The ship Vega of Swan Hellenic would only allow us with the leash -:) and the medical doctor was on the deck.

Jumps into the water

… and I swam a little bit – not for long, because there was a line of fellow passengers waiting for the treat. And I though of going back to the end of the line … that would mean all the staff would stay … guess not.

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A true Polar Plunge @ Arctic

Itilleq, Greenland. Population 89.

Initially, our ship Vega planned the polar plunge off the beach at Itilleq. However, the low tide made it impossible – the shells are too cutting. So, after they scouted a few other possible sites (all have the same problem), they called it off.

Irene is NOT giving up.

“Let’s go back to the ship and jump off there.”

Plunge is plunge, not walk into. Beside I don’t think walking into freezing cold water is appetizing, nor feasible.

An hour and an emergency meeting later, they announced that at 5:30, polar plunge will commence, from the ship.

HOOOOOray, we let out a huge cheer at the pool.

THANK you Sarah Scriver, thank you captain, and thank everyone who made this possible.

First thing first. I’ll have to sign away my little life. Dr. David Botero and his bag is on deck, should anyone is have medical emergency. Have a drink. Ok, they said the shots are for after. I’ve none of it: I’ve to have it now, just in case I plugged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or the cold water stops my beating heart … at least I’ve my last drink, -:)


… the short walk down and being leashed (in case of a cardiac arrest …), … and I actually made it back -:). I did a short swim but have to turn back, 1) there are more people waiting to do the plunge; 2) it’s bit too cold.


Before and after the polar plunge
Sign your little life away
Have my last drink
Doc is on hand


(有莫有发现老了 连屁股也没有了 [调皮] 跑题了)
花发和俺一起 做了很多不能写的事儿 [闭嘴]

🚢 真心不错 绞尽脑汁搞活动
本来是计划在伊蒂莱克海滩下水 但低潮 割脚…
俺说 回船上 跳吧

所以紧急会议后 … 严阵以待 如临大敌
还是十分感谢船和工作人员 [Salute]大赞 [强]

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Swim in the Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord

I know it’s more like a tube, but the ship Vega calls it swimming pool. So pool it is. It’s one of the most striking pools I’ve done swimming.

… BUT I did get my chance to swim in the Arctic Ocean

We’re departing from Ilulissat Icefjord, the capital of icebergs, in the world. Town of Ilulissat of Greenland has more sled-dogs than humans.



The colorful pool – what’s the matter, the white and blue paints come off, no matter what time of the day. Maybe they were so in rush, didn’t even wait for it to dry? Hope the paints are not harmful.

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Snorkeling @ Reykjavík

We snorkeled with (a Padi center) @ Silfra, a tectonic drift of the Eurasian and North American plates, (the mid-Atlantic ridge) in the Þingvellir National Park, Iceland. Many said Silfra has the clearest water in the world.

… on Google Maps

We totally enjoyed it but suiting up and orientation take long time, far more than snorkeling itself, unfortunately.

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A Season in the Sun, 2021

📖 A Season in the Sun: The Inside Story of Bruce Arians, Tom Brady, and the Making of a Champion, published on October 19, 2021, written by Lars Anderson

2022 season opener could not have been any better, Brady’s Buccaneers vs Cowboys. My heart was split and shattered. Old Tom (1977-; 4 years older than Serena …) won 19-3, maintaining his winning record against old rival.

Ok, the commentators were self disciplined, restraining themselves from talking about … the elephant in the room: Tom had retired for a few weeks then came back again. His model wife Gisele Bündchen (1980-) is major league pissed. A divorce in the making? Who knows.

Oh, the book … what book? [呲牙]

45岁的小哥退休二天后 又重披马甲上战场 兴高采烈的

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Day 11 @ the Open

Two semis of men’s doubles at Louis Armstrong stadium:

American Rajeev Ram and Joe Salisbury defeat Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (10-6). It was a great match. The skeleton of fans were heavily Hispanics and they cheered wildly for the Colombian pair, but unfortunately they lost in the third set tiebreak (10-6). Ram and Salisbury won the final the following day at Ashe in two sets, two years in a row.

Jenifer Zhang umpired the Ram/Salisbury match. Are they the sharpshooters?


$24 salad – looking good. We got our food from Rongwang, decent but a little over priced.

We didn’t stay for the second match, Skupski and Dutchman Wesley Koolhof defeat Marcelo Arevalo and Jean-Julien Rojer 6-4 and 7-5.

We visited Amex Lounge / fan experience hub which is pleasant, as usual. Suntan lotion, nails, etc.


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Swim at Summer Palace 颐和园

Came up on this old photo, around 1978 or 1979. At the time, we all did swim at the Kunming Lake 昆明湖. The bottom was soft mud.

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Zhang vs Gauff

Day 8 at the US Open. Ladies’ round of 16. Zhang Shuai (1989-; 5’10”, 2003; $8.9m) is playing Coco Gauff (2004-; 5’9″; 2018; $4.8m) on the center court, the Ashe Stadium. So far it is a good match. Coco was born a year after Zhang turned pro.

Zhang’s career isn’t as promising as Coco’s. In 2016, she even thinking of retiring due to 14 failed attempts in the main draw. She took her mother to Australian Open … however, she beat Simone Halep in the first round and advanced to the quarter. The good result encouraged her to remain in the game, and won a couple of slam doubles (2019 Aussie and 2021 US) with Stosur.

Zhang vs Gauff (r of 16) is pretty good. Both plays well. Coco was born a year after Zhang turned pro. Zhang’s career isn’t as promising as Coco’s and she almost retired in 2016 due to poor results… Now, two slam’s doubles titles and, a very confident player. I watched Coco here in 2019 when she reached the 3rd round. It was a night game and we went nuts for her. She was little (only 15 at the time), reminded me of Degas’ Little Dancer. I didn’t realize that Zhang grunts too, till now.

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A wonderful flight

Delta flight DL1695 took off on time, on 7:10pm, just as the women’s doubles first round began. The Williams sisters play Linda Nosková (2004, 2019; $165,486) and Lucie Hradecká (1985, 2004; $5,989k), both are Czech.

What are treat! Delta streaming espn live.

However, Venus isn’t up to the task and is making unforced errors left and right. She isn’t moving at all, like a tree, as if to stand her ground; often caught unprepared.

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