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Ilya Kovalchuk returns

He was the 1st overall draft in 2001 by Atlanta Thrashers. At renewal of his contract in 2010, he reportedly turned down 12-year $101 million or 7-year, $70 million contracts, and was traded to New Jersey Devils, and by the summer, he agreed to a contract 17-year @ $102 million with the Devils. Then he chose to retire, leaving behind $77 million (for the next 12 years) – so he could play for Putin @ Saint Petersburg – Putin’s hometown.

I’ve joked in 2014, that he should check Putin’s reputation and bank account. Soon, the oil dropped and Putin couldn’t pay … Yahoo reported 2016 that he has to play in China. LOL. Seriously, China?

Anyway, starting this 2018-9 sesason, he returns to USA, playing for LA Kings. Looks like the American dollar is far better than Russian ruble.

他是2001年的第一次总选秀, 被亚特兰大鸫鸟队选中. 据报道, 在2010年续约时, 他拒绝了12年1.01亿美元或7年7,000万美元的合同. 结果被踢到新泽西州的魔鬼队, 签订了17年合约, 1.02亿美元. (比原队少好多). 然后… 然后… 5年后他选择退休 (走法律空隙的那种), 因为他想替普京效力@圣彼得堡 – 普京的家乡.

我那时说过: 也不查查普京的为人和他银行户口 … 然后 … 然后 …普京变成穷光蛋 没有钱付. 习大大说: 过来, 我们有钱 …  在中国打的实在不过瘾. 然后… 然后…现在又灰溜溜的回来美国. 看起来美元远远好于俄罗斯卢布.

挺精神的小伙子 怎么这么 …

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🎾 7-6 (chased from 0:4) 2-6, 2-6, 3-6 [撇嘴] 🎾 Today is ayah (Hong Kong had a comic series named Aya…) 今天是 哎呀和土匪 [呲牙].

Yesterday I went to see Georgia O’Keeffe‘s Hawaiian painting at NYBG. Hibiscuc is one of her faves. This one is taken at the friend’s house after tennis. It’s cloudy, at 11:30 am the light seems to be ok. This one is taken at 12:35 pm but on a sunny day




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