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Managing a winter league

In the past, I’ve managed indoor winter league few times: couples and ladies. I priced in the cost of balls for each week, demanded their e-mail addresses, lectured them on the good manner of on time, and made it very clear that each player is responsible for his or her own sub in the event of an absence. You would think it would be a cake walk … What I found the most difficult was finding a replacement at the last second. There’s someone forgot to come, sudden airport pickups, little Sue or Johnny’s friends’ birthday parties … emergency room visits, emotional distress from a divorce (ok, this was rare, but did happen once ) … What made me stop organizing was one of my most reliable sub got pregnant. Believe me, toward the end of the season, my roster of subs was always very much wore out, and fanatic phone calls for help was not pleasant – think in the neighborhood of begging.

Andy is the organizer for his Friday night league, few years in a row. He’s disappointed when he heard I paid for another year’s membership of badminton. Cos he asked me to join for this season. I actually thought about join him full season, but then I reasoned with him that it’s better to keep me as a sub, reliable; and I also don’t have to tie down for every single Friday night for 26 weeks – I do have a nightlife away from tennis. Yesterday, after calling me early in the morning to cancel my service, only to call again in the afternoon to say I was needed. I sort of butchered my plan and went with George: had more than two glass of wine. Unfortunately Andy miscalculated, 9th player showed up and had to leave. I would have volunteered to leave should I drove there myself. Anyway, the game turned out to be pretty exciting. I teamed up with Alex and won two close sets – we were down 4 love at once and came back to win in tie break – and on serve in the third when time ran out. Drinking and driving is not advisable, but how about drinking and playing?

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