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Forward thinking ..

Sunny called at crack of dawn. I was till in bed, sleepy. But it’s from Sunny, so I got myself onto the court in a record time. He was hitting with someone. Did I get to play with him? Yes, all but 3 minutes. That’s Sunny. Regardless if I got there on time or late, if he found someone to play, he’ll play with that someone, or 3 for a doubles. Did I ever exist? Good question. I ended up hitting with Renee (?), one of the perennial Filipinos, a great player. Sunny took his time with his coffee, then hit with me against Renee for 3 minutes, till Charles came. My forehand is still not up to his standard. “You took step forward with your backhand, see the difference ..” He’s said this many times before, but somehow it registered today. Seriously, I have no idea what I am doing on the court. Later when I played doubles with Willy and 2 other perennials, they seemed to know what’s wrong with my game than I did. We lost both sets, but it’s a great game. I sweated like a pig, and yuke, yes grunt like a pig too. I was totally disgust. Still thinking about the forehand, how could you step forward when hitting a forehand, for a righty?

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