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2-6, 6-4

A windy day. I’ve a slow start – too much tennis yesterday, losing 2-6 the first set, with one double.

Thanks to our neighbor who retrieved our 🎾… actually her 🐩 did. Before she found it, her dog did and took it into his/her mouth and won’t let it go.

After a brief struggle, she asked if we’ve an old 🎾 ball to exchange. We did. And apparently, the 🐕 agreed 😂 we continued with our game … 2-6,6-4. We’re identical twin with fancy color outfit, separated at birth 😀 👇

All have a wonderful weekend 😊

2-6, 6-4 双胞胎

趣事 🎾 被打出去了了
我们请她捡起来 丢回来
结果🐶先看到 就一口咬住不肯放
搏斗一阵后 妞问有没有旧的🎾拿来换

湿湿的 …球友们说 … 算了 别用了 [Lol][得意]
还不如留给人家 … 🐶汪汪
陪了夫人又折兵 [呲牙]

风大 乱鸡窝 [愉快]

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The Sweet Open: tennis tourney

The Sweet Open (coach initially wrote sweat 😓… One letter different but actually both are good) is our first tennis tournament for the community. 13 men and two women players showed up. The coach has to step in to make the 8th team. We drew our partner from a hat 🎩.


Lucky me to partner with a good player. We won 3 and lost two to the coach/Stan team.

First match was against Craig/Dick. As Craig first serve to me went long, a ball rolled onto our court. I said “take two.”
He said, “seriously?”
“Of course, ball on court.” I said.
I’m wondering if these simple etiquette is being followed here. Silly me.

Second match was against Dennis/Pu. We ran into the bad line call again. My partner hit a lop that landed on the baseline: you can hear the sound and see the funny bounce. P called it out but Dennis said it’s good. Next up, my first serve was out in the alley but P played it. I lost the point. This is bad, so elementary school stuff. But we beat this team and again twice in a row – not sure how did this happen with eight teams draw. But I’m very glad we did. Cheater doesn’t deserve to win.

Our third match was again the coach team and we lost.

Fourth match was against Dennis/P. We won soundly again.

Next match was final against the coach team and we lost again.

The runner up prize is $50 … My first career win: I’m quitting my day job now …ha ha ha.

More on bad line calls here:

The usta has a mantra, that  a 99% out is 100% IN whenever I encounter a bad line call, and there are a few here, from the same player.

USTA has a couple of rules, too:

#1: if you don’t call an out ball immediately, it’s your opponent’s point. The hawk eye system honors this. When you circle a ball mark 3 times and asking if it’s out, every player knows what’s going on, call it IN and move on.

#2: if two partners disagree on a line call, it’s your opponent’s point.

Both rules, I interpret, are up holding the gentlemen or women’s game: when unsure, be courteous, give the point to your opponent.

You may say, come on old bag 👵, this is only recreational game. But, the fact that you’re chewing over a line call, shows exactly you care win or loss, that needs rule to play the game fairly. Let’s face it, without rules, how can you can play any game?

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A few good hands

I normally get decent / interesting hands at bridge, to compensate my lack of skill -:)

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Bridge bidding conventions

Bidding is the first part of the fun in bridge. But I’m slow in learning conventions and score keeping.

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Won my first slam in bridge

How would you bid with these three hands? I played and won my first slam 😊 lost the last trick to ♣️K. My partner’s hands have been great too.

My first grand slam

你会怎么叫这三手牌? 打赢了第一个小满贯 可惜最后一圈输给了♣️K


From left:

  1. Hand 1: I stated with 1♣️
  2. Hand 2: I stated with 1♥️ then 2♠️
  3. Hand 3: I started with 1♥️, my partner bid 2♦️. My thinking heart/spade need 4 extra tracks to game (diamond needs 5), so I bid 4 hearts on the second round. (My partner has 7 diamonds.) Forget if we made game 😂

Opinion 1: 1st hand correct bid; 2nd hand spades are better than hearts; 3rd hand with distribution you have 17 points, void =4points; you should have game or slam if your partner opened first or if you opened and your partner jump-shifted indicating 10 or more points.

Opinion 2: I agree with your bid on the first had. On the second, with two 5 card suits, it is best to bid the higher ranking first, unless there is a clear discrepancy in the strength of the two suits. In the third hand, I would not have gone to 4 hearts and just bid two hearts.

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