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One punch, banned for life

I got the news that Tampa Bay Lightning had defeated New York Rangers in Game 6 (best of 7), 2:1 at the Garden as soon as I got out of the concert. It’s their 3rd year in a row into the Stanley Cups playoff. They have won the last two, 2020 and 2021.

A short video soon made the run on the internet: a Rangers’ fan (James Anastasio, 1993) in a red jersey sucker pouched a Lightning fan in blue after the game. The result came swiftly, and severely: he’s charged with two counts of assault and disorderly conduct and harassments by the police, and banned for life at the Garden.

In contrast, Tangshan bbq restaurant’s brawl was multiple men on one woman, and no one dared to stop the men.

Man on man
One punch 🤜
Banned for life

男对男 一拳 一辈子

星期六晚上 佛州的🏒️在纽约 打赢当地队 连续第三年 晋级决赛.

散场后纽约队粉红衣男 忍受不了佛州粉蓝衣男的兴奋, 回身敬了他一拳
结果 特别快 也简单明了
运动场也随即出声 🈲️此粉终生不得再来

这几年他们的职业球队不是赢冠军就是进决赛 不得了 忙得不亦乐乎

Happy Monday

啥黑社会 白社会的
是什么样的社会 容忍 姑息男人不仅打女人 还群殴一女人?
没有人敢去阻止 只能说明更严重的问题
“你没有伤她 为什么送她去医院”

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Cori Gauff

Coco started out as Cori – as seen here at Wimbledon in 2019 vs Venue Williams, wondering what made her to change her name to Coco.

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Two finals

I got up at crack of dawn to watch Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula (1994-; 2009; $4.9m) vs two French women Caroline Garcia (1993-; 2011; $11m) and Kristina ‘Kiki’ Mladenovic (1993-; 2009; $12m), but was disappointed after the first set: the two Americans couldn’t get their act together any more, specially Pegula being passed left and right in the alley.

The two French women came back strong and won. They’ve many similarities: both were born in the same year in France – from their names, their origins suggest Spain and Yugoslav; of similar high and physiques, and prize income. They deserved the win and $620,000.

Rafael Nadal def Casper Ruud (1998-; 2015; $7.5m) easily: 3, 3, 0. It’s Rafa’s 14th on the red clay and 22 overall. Their respective royal family came to cheer them on: King Felipe VI (1968-; since 2014) of Spain and H.R.H. crown prince Haakon (1973-) of Norway.


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Women’s final @ French Open

Someone happy 😊 some sad 😢 @ Roland Garros. So is the game. It was Iga Świątek’s second, Coco Gauff’s first grand slam final.

🇵🇱娃 干净 利落 速战速决 [强]

德加的小舞娘 一家人都在给她⛽️ 二个小弟好可爱. 加油 [强]

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The line calls at French Open

The second Wednesday in Paris. The line call continues to be a problem:

June 3 Fri, the first game of 3rd set between Marin Cilic and Norwegian player Casper Ruud (1998-; 2015; $6m). It was an OUT ball but the umpire ruled it was good, IN. The commentators noted the errors made by the umpires at French Open.

June 2: the 1st set, Coco Gauff vs Italian ah ah ah screamer Martina Trevisan. No call but Coco stopped play. It’s clearly OUT but the chair umpire, after a lengthy discussion, ruled it in.

June 1: the 5th set, 1 all, Marin Cilic (1988-; 2005; $29,829k; won 2014 US Open) hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire got down, and ran to the point of contention, then confirmed it was indeed out. Cilic disagrees so much that Andrey Rublev (1997-; 2014; $11m) offered to replay the point. The tv replay shows the ball was indeed OUT.

Cilic: NOOooo way it was out … | hand and racket to thank Rublev |  … the hard stare …

The 5th set, 4 all, Cilic hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire confirmed it was indeed out. BUT it was IN, IN, IN. The commentators giggled and said, it was the pay back for the above shot.


Although I’m glad that Cilic won but Rublev is quiet with a calm demeanor, very unnoticeable but likable, especially he offered the replay. Unfortunately his country under Putin is invading Ukraine, so I root against any player that has no national flag next to their names.

The first match of the day at Philippe-Chartrier was between two Russians, Daria Kassatkina defe Veronika Kundermetova. Both are quiet and quite good looking.

The winning streak 连胜纪录

Iga Świątek is having the time of her little life, winning 33 matches straight. Only behind the Williams’ sisters, Serena 34  in 2013 and Venus 35 in 2000. If she wins this tourney, she’ll tie Venus’.

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