One punch, banned for life

I got the news that Tampa Bay Lightning had defeated New York Rangers in Game 6 (best of 7), 2:1 at the Garden as soon as I got out of the concert. It’s their 3rd year in a row into the Stanley Cups playoff. They have won the last two, 2020 and 2021.

A short video soon made the run on the internet: a Rangers’ fan (James Anastasio, 1993) in a red jersey sucker pouched a Lightning fan in blue after the game. The result came swiftly, and severely: he’s charged with two counts of assault and disorderly conduct and harassments by the police, and banned for life at the Garden.

In contrast, Tangshan bbq restaurant’s brawl was multiple men on one woman, and no one dared to stop the men.

Man on man
One punch 🤜
Banned for life

男对男 一拳 一辈子

星期六晚上 佛州的🏒️在纽约 打赢当地队 连续第三年 晋级决赛.

散场后纽约队粉红衣男 忍受不了佛州粉蓝衣男的兴奋, 回身敬了他一拳
结果 特别快 也简单明了
运动场也随即出声 🈲️此粉终生不得再来

这几年他们的职业球队不是赢冠军就是进决赛 不得了 忙得不亦乐乎

Happy Monday

啥黑社会 白社会的
是什么样的社会 容忍 姑息男人不仅打女人 还群殴一女人?
没有人敢去阻止 只能说明更严重的问题
“你没有伤她 为什么送她去医院”

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