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L Xiaomi 6 from 2022, R Fitbit Inspire 3 fm 2023 

My kid asked if it’s time to get me a new pair of airpods, for the Mother’s Day.

Yes my AirPods has stopped working but I said no. One, because I purchased a wireless headphone ($17.76 on 2023.5.15) with wire that holds two EarPods together. With AirPods, I worried to drop it and in fact, I did a few times as I was walking on the street. Two, I need a new swimming tracker – my Xiaomi had kaput, in less than a year.

So, FitBit Inspire 3 it is.

It looks and functions like Xiaomi. For charger, Xiaomi’s is much smaller and neater than the larger Fitbit’s. Of course I don’t know anything other than the look of the two chargers.

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Duckies in the pool

Lately, a pair of ducks have been making out in our swimming pool.

“Honey, let’s go for a swim in a resort.” ha ha ha

Not sure the chemicals are good for them. They poop a lot on the deck, which is terrible.

After I finished my 30 laps, they’re still there, enjoying their sun bathing time.

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Three firsts


I made my own tennis game today because I’ve been passively waiting for the call for the game to come. In the past few months, I played two games a week: in the beginning it was Sundays and Fridays, lately on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Today I add the third time of the week -:) … many players do two or three games a day!  I meant to hit but three neighbors came, so we ended up played two sets – women vs men. We lost 3-6 and 2-6 but I’m happy for not being bageled – ha ha ha.


We’ve a beautiful sunset, as I finished up my swim.

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My new group

The first time riding my bicycle to tennis, I was 8 minutes late to the game and got an earful lectures -:).

Played with two partners, 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 … wife came calling. Home made dumplings, fried tofu and Sichuan jelly – all my faves and yummy.

Showing off time [呲牙]

炫耀🦚炫耀几下 饺子 凉粉 越南炸豆腐  太好吃😋

新年 🎾 新欢们
俺和二个不同的搭档 6-2, 6-4, 2-2 老婆来捞人了

俺的新车 怎么骑都跑不快的那种 本来还心思思的想着去什么环岛啦 横穿🇺🇸啦 … 梦不要醒哈

挺像逃难的 梦醒啦 [偷笑]


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Swim, pickleball and bringe

A busy day: watched pickleball, played bridge and did 20 laps in the pool.

CJ Jackson and Tony Roig came to teach and demonstrate some wonderful skills.

At bridge, when 4 cards left in the hand, I suddenly realize that I’ve 8 cards …

Long story short, I picked up a trick -:))) … stealing or what? Senior moment


大脑进水 还是什么的 – 顺手把trick 也拿了
偷鸡摸狗的 [捂脸]

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My flip turns

My first underwater video: flip turns: a little too deep …

One of the advice I got is

Pointer – Pracrice rotating your body completely on the turn and THEN push off the wall. Your under water whip is there but is hindered because your body is still turning once you have pushed off the wall. Your whip and streamline (ie, getting faster and smoother off the wall) will improve if you practice this.

Another one

Stay tucked up a second longer and plant your feet close to sideways on the wall.

When you push off, make sure to stretch out (hips up, shoulders back).

During the underwater push off in streamline rotate to your front.

Start kicking when you’re almost on your front, not while you’re still on your back.

… another one

Dolphin kick needs work, feet need to be a tad higher on the wall before flip turn

… one more

To stay more shallow keep your eyes on your knees as you tumble turn.

… another one

To deep and no Rotation, u should touch the wall on your Side not your Back. Have in your head to roll over one shoulder not over your head.

Here is a short video my fellow swimmers sent me: 3 tips for faster turns

  1. start your turn somewhere after the catch but before your finish
  2. avoid using your arms to get your body around. You are already moving …
  3. arms in streamline BEFORE your feet hit the wall

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Sunset at the pool

Sunset at the pool A nice evening, at 6pm

My timing is great, without trying hard … after a few times, I finally realized the length must be shorter than usual [Lol]

时间有些好到 不可思议
过了几天 俺 忍不住 去问
回答 “标准池”
俺 “不会吧?” …

然后 人家查了一下
“少了三个yards” [Lol][Lol][Lol] It’s only 22 yards.

明天 不能偷懒了 [捂脸]
刚刚想吹吹牛, 说时间进步了 [呲牙]
结果是退步 [裂开]


Sun rise

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The pool at different times

Different times on the pool deck

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Swimming at the new pool

This pool is slightly smaller than the ‘standard’ 25 yard. It’s only 22 yards. No wonder my timing is pretty good -:)

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A true Polar Plunge

Itilleq, Greenland. Population 89.

Initially, our ship Vega planned the polar plunge off the beach at Itilleq. However, the low tide made it impossible – the shells are too cutting. So, after they scouted a few other possible sites (all have the same problem), they called it off.

Irene is NOT giving up.

“Let’s go back to the ship and jump off there.”

Plunge is plunge, not walk into. Beside I don’t think walking into freezing cold water is appetizing, nor feasible.

An hour and an emergency meeting later, they announced that at 5:30, polar plunge will commence, from the ship.

HOOOOOray, we let out a huge cheer at the pool.

THANK you Sarah Scriver, thank you captain, and thank everyone who made this possible.

First thing first. I’ll have to sign away my little life. Dr. David Botero and his bag is on deck, should anyone is have medical emergency. Have a drink. Ok, they said the shots are for after. I’ve none of it: I’ve to have it now, just in case I plugged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or the cold water stops my beating heart … at least I’ve my last drink, -:)


… the short walk down and being leashed (in case of a cardiac arrest …), … and I actually made it back -:). I did a short swim but have to turn back, 1) there are more people waiting to do the plunge; 2) it’s bit too cold.


Before and after the polar plunge
Sign your little life away
Have my last drink
Doc is on hand


(有莫有发现老了 连屁股也没有了 [调皮] 跑题了)
花发和俺一起 做了很多不能写的事儿 [闭嘴]

🚢 真心不错 绞尽脑汁搞活动
本来是计划在伊蒂莱克海滩下水 但低潮 割脚…
俺说 回船上 跳吧

所以紧急会议后 … 严阵以待 如临大敌
还是十分感谢船和工作人员 [Salute]大赞 [强]

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