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The system at the pool is inadequate on weekends due to kiddie program. A staff has to use paper to record us, instead of the electronic check in. perhaps due to this, we got on the pool deck earlier than usual: the clock on the wall was only few seconds old. When I took my phone out, it turns 1:03. Our usual starting time is around 3 minutes because we have to get down from the street level, and I’ll never be the first in line.  

FEMA has been working out of this facility, opening up at 8am every day, for the victims of Hurricane Ida. But I’ve not seen a single applicant. My neighbor did theirs online.

Lifeguards are always needed. 

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This pool was opened in 1978

I’m pretty happy for doing 1,000 under 21 minutes. But it may not be right due to counting error. Is it two laps short? The watch says I swum 50 laps in 28 minutes.

One of the morning swimmers, Marvin said he started to swim here since 1978.
A pause.
I said, “Oh, since it was first opened?”
A pause.
Marvin: “Yes.”

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Cold tempered shower

The rainiest season/summer/year 🌧, a perfect condition for the mushrooms to prosper.

Why do I find this “Cold tempered shower” grossly superfluous? They didn’t trust us that we could actually adjust the water to our liking? Or was it done by a dirty politician who was trying to gain votes?


5⃣️ 画蛇添足 还是脱👖fp 还是政客贪污? 觉得以前的水温都可以自己调. 真是一不留神就回到了解放前.


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22+ min

Under 23 minutes for a 1,000 yards is probably my best timing for now. And the one I would like to maintain.

I signed up at Michael Tully pool when the Whitney Pond closed on last Friday, August 20 because the kids/lifeguards are returning to school.

The area to the left, used to be a diving pool. The water slide was added around 2010, which jacked up water temperature. The re-structure was more for the politicians gaining vote than practical, imho.

People taking their swimming pretty serious: the bags lining up in the morning, to beat the opening which is at 9am.

On Monday, as I was doing my laps in free style, an old Asian man cut right in front of me to get out. I thought that’s pretty rude. He has all the time to leave while I was away but he chose not to. I had stopped abrupt to avoid collusion. He said, “I’m  sorry” a couple of times.

Shouldn’t the lifeguard blow his whistle to warn the swimmers? The gym is still there, so is the sauna and steam room.


On Wednesday another Asian man got into the pool without letting me know, as again, I was doing free laps. After seeing him, I stopped, to say, I take one side and he should take the other side. When I was done, I told him, next time, please make sure I know you’re coming in, to avoid any collusion.

“No English.”

I called the lifeguard and the manager came to explain … got his granddaughter to translate… He felt the lane was only one swimmer but that was NOT the issue. Gosh, people have their own thought and don’t listen or refuse to listen. How can we communicate and solve problem?

Today a guy got in and said, “my board was there …” when it was NOT: when I got in, the pool was empty. He was nowhere to be seen. How could his board was there?

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1km in 24 min

Uhooo I did 40 laps/1000 yards in about 24 minutes (July 27 was 27 min): this is an improvement, but again, I have more of my limbs back.

The bathroom, however, is terrible. I was the first one using it – notice the dry floor. But the two drainages are dirty and two toilets are out of order.

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TYR; Friendly Swede goggles

My new goggles, $22 for two, designed by the Swedes but made in China. Each goggle has a hard shell plastic box and two extra bridges. They’re pretty good.

Since Katie Ledecky signed up with TYR (The name TYR is a reference to the Norse god Týr), I’ve been using its swimming suit. And it’s pretty good too.


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Festivities at Whitney Pond

There is a huge crowds at the park when I got there at close to 6pm. Cars are parked outside, which is never seen before. The head count today, till me, is 177! That’s a record. Probably due to the fest. The algae at the pond is filled to the brim.


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Some swimming photos

Great swimming/diving photos by others during 2020 Tokyo Olympics, some are from unusual angles … 

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Bobby Finke wins the gold

I finke, I can -:) cute line. Men’s 800m freestyle, Finke is coming from behind (pic 1), with only few seconds left, to win (pic 2)… It’s thrilling. Here is the YouTube full race. Tokyo 2020.

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The head count

The pool isn’t busy at all. Today is the first time that I swam with another person in the lane for about 20 laps which is long. One other time I got into the lane with a person already in there but after a lap he left.

There is a girl by the entrance who counts us. Yesterday was 93 (because of the little summer campers) and today I’m the 31st, at 5:53pm, a little over an hour to closing.

The green algae at the pond


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