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Unbelievably bad line calls

It’s the Thanksgiving Day, and I’m thankful for my family and friends and foes in my life, and an interesting life I lead so far.

I started my day with a warm up swim, then tennis, pickleball, and capped the morning with another short swim – static stretching. I know the verdict (if the static stretching after a game is good or suitable …) is out there, and swimming is certainly NOT static stretching, but I like to do it, to relax.


I’m still trying to correct my serve: to keep my left tossing arm high longer and eliminate waiter’s tray (why is waiter’s tray no good?)

Two double faults in my first serve game – I didn’t practice much in between matches – my bad. Bad line calls one after another; one of the opponents said he can bagel me. I replied, “not off me.” I thought I was going to have a relaxed game on a holiday, but it turned out not to be the case. So I reverted back to my waiter’s tray serve. We lost 4-5, 5-3, 4-5 (first to five and 1 point decides a game – no deuce).


Played with a new group of players. The best player (3.5 – apparently there is a rating in pb? ) in the group teamed herself up with her husband who’s equally good, vs me and one guy who’s also a newbie. The couple has been playing for more than three years. I’d think they would split up to make the game more interesting, which is the way I would have done. Oh well. We lost 2-11.


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4 strokes of luck

the pretty moon this morning

I often use ‘front crawl’ as the breaststroke. Why? I’ve no idea. Actually, front crawl is freestyle lol

My bad.

Don’t know what I’m talking about.

Butterfly at its peak, is faster than free … but freestyle is an endurance style that can go miles on end.

So, once for all (myself mainly), the four style of strokes of swimming are:

  1. freestyle – also known as front crawl
  2. butterfly stroke
  3. breaststroke –
  4. backstroke

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Oh well …

A management company posted a sign

Please be advised locks must be removed daily or they will be removed if left on.

Thank you.

A common practice at the health clubs as well, that you can not lock a locker overnight / to yourself. (Some health clubs do rent them out, monthly or annually, when and where you can keep a locker to yourself.) But a week later, someone wrote FU … I take it means fuck you?

… actually I didn’t get it at first glance bec I’ve two mates on my tennis team with Fu as their last name … one’s primary school teacher.


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Butterfly again

smile … picking up my flys again: I did butterfly for the length of the pool. Feeling that my feet are way too low … more problems will be discovered and corrected, hopefully soon.

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My teacher & companion

A little frog is my companion this morning. My front crawl has improved immediately -:)

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Swim with both arms

Happy to be able to use my arms in the pool -:)

It rained like crazy in the night. Lightning and thundering during the night. I hesitated whether to swim … But I felt good and was eager to use my arms again. Timing isn’t good tho -:)

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Legs only

Without the second arm to use, I’ve been practicing dolphin kicks lately. Today I tried front crawl and free without arms. It’s an interesting discovery. In the 22 yards pool

~ 19 front crawl kicks
~ 31 dolphin kicks
~ 100 free kicks

I did many laps, so the figures should be reliable -:)

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Fire ants – they bite

Oh my goodness, the fragile and delicate little ants can bite!

My arm was resting on the edge of the jacuzzi on Tuesday and suddenly felt a pitch. I looked over and saw a tiny fire ant running away. At first I didn’t think of it much but soon it became a small itchy lump. On Friday, a tiny white formed on the lump where it’s still itchy.

Oh well, learnt one more thing!

An update: 6.20 a week later, still itchy and the lump is still there.

Some advices from friends:

  • buy skin so soft insect repellent..its oily but works!
  • Red ant bites HURT for awhile!
  • I put fresh lemon on mine, and it helped a little
  • The small black ants are vicious. I use campho phenique on the bites.
  • Always good idea to apply insect repellent. If bitten Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream. Cold packs help too.

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The first kick w/ fins

How’s my kick?

Learning to swim fly has always been my dream, since Matt Biondi. The opportunity is now that my right arm is in pain from tennis. 😂 practicing dolphin kick becomes my only option.

It’s first time I use the fins – hand me down from my kid: they always tangled up 😆, bumping each other.

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Dolphin kick

I started to practice dolphin kick recently – my big dream is to swim the fly – the butterfly. For 22 yard pool, I can do in one breath, from 28 to 33 kicks each time.

For some reason, I couldn’t utilize the fins – they always got in my way.

  1. DK 101 and your hamstrings. And really using your hips on the kick. You’ll be able to get back to the up kick which is the more powerful part of the kick. Now again the best sewers in the world.
  2. blue – and the down kick uses the back of your body your lower back glutes and hamstrings. Most people who struggle with dolphin kick need to either increase the speed of the down kick.
  3. Chloe Sutton’s 6 min demo in 2018

Here’s an interesting kicks stats

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