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A true Polar Plunge

Itilleq, Greenland. Population 89.

Initially, our ship Vega planned the polar plunge off the beach at Itilleq. However, the low tide made it impossible – the shells are too cutting. So, after they scouted a few other possible sites (all have the same problem), they called it off.

Irene is NOT giving up.

“Let’s go back to the ship and jump off there.”

Plunge is plunge, not walk into. Beside I don’t think walking into freezing cold water is appetizing, nor feasible.

An hour and an emergency meeting later, they announced that at 5:30, polar plunge will commence, from the ship.

HOOOOOray, we let out a huge cheer at the pool.

THANK you Sarah Scriver, thank you captain, and thank everyone who made this possible.

First thing first. I’ll have to sign away my little life. Dr. David Botero and his bag is on deck, should anyone is have medical emergency. Have a drink. Ok, they said the shots are for after. I’ve none of it: I’ve to have it now, just in case I plugged to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean or the cold water stops my beating heart … at least I’ve my last drink, -:)


… the short walk down and being leashed (in case of a cardiac arrest …), … and I actually made it back -:). I did a short swim but have to turn back, 1) there are more people waiting to do the plunge; 2) it’s bit too cold.


Before and after the polar plunge
Sign your little life away
Have my last drink
Doc is on hand


(有莫有发现老了 连屁股也没有了 [调皮] 跑题了)
花发和俺一起 做了很多不能写的事儿 [闭嘴]

🚢 真心不错 绞尽脑汁搞活动
本来是计划在伊蒂莱克海滩下水 但低潮 割脚…
俺说 回船上 跳吧

所以紧急会议后 … 严阵以待 如临大敌
还是十分感谢船和工作人员 [Salute]大赞 [强]

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Swim in the Arctic

Ilulissat Icefjord

I know it’s more like a tube, but the ship Vega calls it swimming pool. So pool it is. It’s one of the most striking pools I’ve done swimming.

We’re departing from Ilulissat Icefjord, the capital of icebergs, in the world. Town of Ilulissat of Greenland has more sled-dogs than humans.



The colorful pool – what’s the matter, the white and blue paints come off, no matter what time of the day. Maybe they were so in rush, didn’t even wait for it to dry? Hope the paints are not harmful.

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Why We Swim

📖 Why We Swim 🏊‍♀️ (2020) by Bonnie Tsui 我们为什么游泳 👍

A good book on swimming history, as title suggests, than teaching you how to swim. The author has a tie to Silver Bay YMCA at Lake George.

The Clintons swim in the afternoon, and if one brings up politics, the other one will stop it.

写的好 近代史多 比如 1984 冰岛死里逃生的渔夫Guðlaugur Friðþórsson (1961-), 等等

为啥游? 为了生存 😻

头疼脑热 去游泳
断胳膊瘸腿 去游泳
摊上难题 去游泳
闲着无聊 去游泳
忙里偷闲 去游泳
反正世上没有什么事儿 是游泳解决不了的
大脑进水 更要去游泳
或者游到大脑进满水 🤩
不🈵️不罢休 [呲牙]
💦 💧

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Underwater headphone

Google ‘does Bluetooth work under water’ I get the following “Bluetooth does not work underwater. In fact, none of the wireless connectivities work under the water. The law of physics prevents it to do so.”

So be aware, how do you intend to use it – open ear wireless bone conduction headset ($89). For someone who walks in the pool, or do breaststrokes with their heads in the air, this device works, continuously.

1. When submerge, the connection is lost – can’t listening to books or news, but music, if you don’t mind the on again and off again.

2. I’m a lap swimmer (free style), breathe every four stokes on my right side. This turns out to be a little blessing because when I breathe, the right side (with the 3 buttons – receiver) surface hence reconnects again, however briefly.

3. The volume is low even I adjust to the fullest. It competes with the open space and other chatting walkers in the pool.

4. When I standing still and put my left (dummy side) into water while the right side remains in the air, the sound quality is ok, shutting out the chatters and the noise from my own strokes… which brings me to think, if the manufacturers design a new device with two dummy earphones, and putting the receiver high above the head/water, maybe this will work for swimmers or when submerge in the water.

5. I can’t do the flip turns now – it will fly off my head. I can’t push too hard off the walls – fly off too. Can’t jump into the pool…

Found my list toy [愉快]


昨天丢的. 想充电时才发现
电话去 回答 “没有”[凋谢]

俺物理不灵光 水是绝缘体 (?)
新鲜期一过 毛病就浮出水面
轻易掉: 不能翻身 也不能太用力推墙
小心翼翼的 慢慢的 … 还游啥泳呢?

今天游完 很开心 虽然不够快. 但能在20分钟 (20:57[捂脸])之内完成1,000 yard 还是开心🥳

心灵鸡汤 难怪运动员们 天天游 日日练的 [偷笑]

临走时 到前台试试运气
还没有问完 金发女伸手拿给俺

是喜是忧 只有俺自己知道 [捂脸]
听书是不行 只能断断续续听🎵

我有一个好主意喔[调皮] I’ve an idea 💡

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Sprints; Mi band isn’t working

Today, my 1,000 free swim went well, missing only one flip turn. Timing was 19:53. Afterward, I did some 50 yard (2 laps) sprints:

  • 49″ free
  • 1:10 back
  • 1:11 breaststroke

Not sure I’ll have a better timing if I sprint before the 1,000.

Btw, my Xiaomi/Mi Band timer is kaput: it records time only but not the laps, which I need.

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Going to swim

In the autumn

… and in the winter, on a snowy morning

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Chinese city’s tennis ambitions imperilled by Peng scandal

A gloomy morning: two staff at the pool have tested covid-19 positive, so they closed the building down. Be vigilant and be mindful.

Wishing everyone a save holiday season!

Apparently, Peng Shuai has come out to deny the sexual assault accusation. This becomes funny …

In any case, wish her safe and sound, and wishing everyone safe and well.

Chinese city’s tennis ambitions imperilled by Peng Shuai scandal

By Syndicated Content
Dec 18, 2021
By David Kirton

SHENZHEN, China (Reuters) – Hosting the Women’s Tennis Association Finals was supposed to put the Chinese technology hub of Shenzhen on the sporting map, but the suspension of the tournament in the wake of the Peng Shuai scandal has left its ambitions in limbo.

China’s “miracle” city, best known as the launchpad of the country’s 40-year economic transformation, is among China’s wealthiest and is home to tech giants including Huawei Technologies and Tencent Holdings.

In January 2018 the WTA announced that Shenzhen had trumped rival bids from Manchester, Prague, St Petersburg and former host Singapore to stage what would “easily be the largest and most significant WTA Finals” in its history, its chairman and CEO Steve Simon said at the time.

The city of more than 17 million that neighbours Hong Kong had promised a state-of-the-art stadium, while local real estate developer Gemdale Corp put up $14 million in prize money – double the pot of the previous finals – winning the right to stage the event from 2019 to 2028.

But early this month, Simon announced the WTA would suspend tournaments in China over the treatment of former No.1 doubles player Peng Shuai, who was not seen in public for nearly three weeks after accusing China’s former Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. [L1N2SN04V]

“Unless China takes the steps we have asked for, we cannot put our players and staff at risk by holding events in China,” Simon said, taking a stand that drew support from the global tennis community but embarrassed Beijing as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics in February.

Doubt over the tournament’s future highlights the clash between China’s global sporting ambitions and western criticism of Beijing’s authoritarianism. A handful of countries led by the United States have announced a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics – meaning they won’t send government representatives.

China hosted nine WTA events in 2019, but the WTA confirmed on Dec. 7 that the traditional season-opening Shenzhen Open, an event separate from the WTA Finals, will not take place in the first half of 2022. China has been all-but-shut to international visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. [L4N2SS1I0]

A spokesperson for the Shenzhen government said he did not know whether the WTA would return. The Florida-based WTA said it remained hopeful that China would do what it asked in allowing for a direct line of communication with Peng.

“That is why this is a suspension at this point, not a cancellation,” a spokesperson said.


For Shenzhen, the WTA Finals were to be a boost to its cultural and sporting prestige.

In late 2017, then-mayor Chen Rugui personally lobbied Simon to host the finals, saying Shenzhen is a young and open city and the tournament would help “take sports to a new level”, according to an official report.

Chinese media were effusive.

“It’s not just a major event for Chinese fans and tennis, but a fantastic chance for Shenzhen to become an internationally renowned name,” the Shenzhen Evening News said.

The WTA Finals is the most prestigious women’s event after the four Grand Slams, and the Shenzhen prize money was $5 million more than in the equivalent men’s ATP Finals, ensuring a star-studded draw. World No.1 Ashleigh Barty of Australia won the first Shenzhen WTA Finals in 2019.

“It’s the biggest tournament outside the Grand Slams, it’s massive, it’s hard to overstate the importance of that in terms of the prestige and the level of the players and the money involved,” said Mark Dreyer of China Sports Insider.


Shenzhen’s tennis hopes also underscored the confluence in China between sports and the now-struggling property sector.

Nine of the 16 teams in China’s troubled top soccer league, which became notorious for splashing out millions of dollars for global stars, are majority-owned by companies linked to the real estate sector, including debt-strapped China Evergrande Group and the Kaisa Group, which owns Shenzhen’s club.

Gemdale, which sponsored the tournament, operates several tennis facilities in Shenzhen including an “international” training academy.

“Their business model is not to get it back in ticket sales and all that sort of stuff, it’s political goodwill that they get from the Shenzhen government,” Dreyer said.

Gemdale declined to comment.

As for the stadium, the plan is to preserve the facade of a 1985 arena – historic by Shenzhen standards – in a 3.6 billion yuan ($566 million) renovation that would expand its capacity to 16,000, according to announcements and a person with knowledge of the matter.

Work continues as the stadium will host other events, said two people with knowledge of the matter. For now, it remains a dusty construction site in the central Futian district.

(Reporting by David Kirton; editing by Tony Munroe and Richard Pullin)

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My swim timing in 2021

I’ve to take a break from tennis earlier this year (March 2021) and began to swim in June when it seemed unlikely that I’ll return to the court any time soon. My time for 1,000 yard free style has been improving, from initial 32:00 plus minutes. My only race was at Harry Barr Memorial Meet in 1997, and my three heats, all in free, were: 50 @ 39:04; 500 @8:42:57, and 1000 @ 17:47:47. Now 24 years later, my 1000 is …

Here are some tips on how to make flip turns and LI Thanksgiving Invitational; newsletter.

My other timing

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Doping in swimming

A huge and gigantic YES to the world and beyond that #FINA 2021 Will Explore Doping History and Awarding Proper Medals.

From 1973 to 1989, DDR East German swimming program had systematically #doped their athletes. Their female swimmers looked like men with manly low voices. American swimmer Shirley Babashoff (1957-) had voice her doubt but was shut down by the media and even some American coaches(!!!), labeling her as the ‘Ugly American’ and ‘Surely Shirley’. 

As it turned out, #ShirleyBabashoff WAS absolutely RIGHT. The E German coaches came out, admitting doping in 1991.

She was a very gifted swimmer, doing sprints 100m to distance 800m. Her three sibling (Jack Jr., Billy and Debbie) are or were swimmers too. BUT very unfortunate for her that she didn’t have the Gold to have endorsements. Her life could have been much different and probably better … As she said, ask Tiger Woods what endorsement can do for you.

I’m wondering, what has FINA and IOC been doing all these decades? Even after the admission of doping in 1991? Those governing bodies are jokes. 

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Sport watch/tracker – mi band

What I need: is a simple watch that keep track of the laps I swum and the time. I swim between 40 to 52 laps each time, and often forget or mess up the number.

My option is wide: from Apple ($400+), to FitBit ($150+) to the two below, about $50 or less each. My choice is obvious.

Moov, $34.99: it looks different and quite pretty but, I need to operate it from my phone – it allows 8 seconds to start tracking, which is ok but every time I need my phone to start, is rather inconvenient. And I never could stop it easily.

Here are some problems with Mi Band 6 (Amazon $42.38)

  1. count swimming in steps
  2. custom face keeps disappearing
  3. how to stop

I’ve Mi 2 from China when it was first released. I was in Beijing and purchased three, at ¥100 or ¥300 a piece. I recently opened the last one and it still works (right). Regardless where I purchase, it seems no customer service whatsoever.

All the companies I’ve contacted on Facebook (in different industry) have replied, except Mi band and Moov. I can’t find user’s guide online.

* By Jan 2022, my Mi band stops counting the laps. Kaput *

 Mi band: pros and cons

小米⌚️ 1⃣️ 左 6 右 2

需要: 一个🏊‍♀️计趟表… 买了小米6

好处: 便宜 $40. 记趟正确
不好: 距离好像不太准确. 40趟3⃣️应该是1000 (1,093); 10 趟 2⃣️应该是 250 (273). 🏊‍♀️时间不能用: 停止时 需要一大堆手续(左滑右划 上下划…崩溃)[捂脸]. 而且记布程序把游泳加到步伐里. 有没有搞错呀 大佬
还有很多其它功能 都没用.

总结: 可有可无. 俺的时间都是靠泳池墙上的数码时间器. 40趟20分钟容易记 – 所以 可有可无

米2 可以沾水(刚刚出产时国内买的; 最近刚刚打开)有人要 请出声. 功能挺多 俺没用 ([嘘]不会用[呲牙][闭嘴])

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