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There you go ..

cimg5814.JPGWork is for People who don’t Play Tennis. How right and .. WTG .. This cute button was at the USTA office @ NTC. I’ve a chance to chat with the lady who runs the summer camp where Pump is taking. Two weeks long. It’s three days into the first week but Pumpkin wanted to quit the 2nd week: too many kids and the staff is less disciplined.  I arrived early, and went to the court to pick Pumpkin up on Wednesday.  It’s only 7:10 and they were already dismissed – the official time was till 7:30pm.  Naturally, I asked why did you leave so early. Pumpkin replied “we have to ..” The older coach who ran the younger coaches was happened to be around, and he immediately pull the two young staff aside, told them in a lower voice that they shouldn’t be doing this.  And turned around, telling the kids all getting back to court 7.  There were 15 or so, they used to have 2 courts.  Now court 6 was taken up by 4 adults.  I guess that the big men came early to play and the young coaches were all too happy to leave. Ok, here is what annoyed me: if the camp dismisses the kids at 7:10 or 7:15 every day, I won’t have too big a problem – other than feeling a little cheated.  But the older guy obviously knew it’s not right and pulling kids back to continue, doing it just to pacify me, it’s a big problem, a big cheat, its wrong.  And I told the lady at the office so, who looks smart and able.  She thanked me for reporting such thing, and that I should separate the camp and the coaches.

This is Pump’s first camp at NTC. Previously she attended camps elsewhere. I supposed USTA @ NTC would be the holy grail since the Open is being played there.

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ATA tourney

This year ATA is held in NY.  Kids around country are competing in the big Apple, in their appropriated age groups.  The little cutie from DC told me that she’s already lost, came with her family.  It’ll be a great experience for the youngsters.  Most of them do look and act confident and mature for their age.  I’ve seen the ATA sign last weekend, now I found out what it is.

Kerner is running his summer camp at the park, and asked if we’d like to join.  He works the kids on the court in the AM and bus them to the pool in the PM.  I might do it, since his camp ends in late August.

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NYC Parks

cimg5713.JPGIrene L is the one who got me started to play in the city parks.  It’s more expensive than our home courts, $100 vs $35 annually, hard court vs har-tru.  Many times, the courts can be messy.  But I enjoy it, for the company, except only the ugly man.  There is a huge contingent of Filipino players at Cunningham.  Most of them play at arond 3.5 and 4 level.  They’re fun to play with and to be around.  I’ve heard from other players that there are few city courts on the USTA ground.  Today I got a chance to check it out.

Years ago when Dinkins was the mayor, I saw him playing at the USTA often, in the late mornings.  Watching him play was painful, his style was more of taiji quan, slow and measured; and the entire city was in disarray under his reign.  Supposedly, he rushed to negotiate the USTA contract before being beaten by Guiliani (Rudy probably could have beaten him on tennis court as well, won with his left hand, lol) which put NYC in disadvantage.  I’m not sure the city courts were there prior to the new contract.

cimg5714.JPGBurt is an elderly gentleman working at the park office.  He couldn’t stop talking. I only had couple of questions, but within 15 minutes, I learned about all his family, grand kids included.  6 courts in front of the office are newly done, with 5 layers of rubbers, used by Reebok urban youth league.  Reebok is still in existence?  The other five are re-surfaced, open to public.  I got to hit with Vicky, a college girl on the Stoney Brook’s team.  She has the build of Amanda Coetzer, bit looks like her too.  What strikes me the most was her lifeless demeanor.  Finding a player there is hard, Burt said everyone comes with their partners.  Oh well, I have 10 days to go, maybe I should put an ad on Craigs List, looking for temp partner.  I saw Paul and Xiao Lee when I went to pick up.  Should ask them to come early, :).
Contrary to Vicky, this busload kids screamed in joy when they saw the courts.

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Little woman

Little Princess took a week off, and started her camp for two more weeks at the USTA.  Only 3 hours a day.  She got bit excited, anxious.  Playing in the shadow of the Center Court at Flushing Meadow is an experience.  But the teaching staff is very young, the student/coach ratio is high, hence the half price tag.  On the way home, she said that sooner or later, she’ll have to take a camp at the USTA .. .. but next year she’d rather have it at Port Washington if nowhere else is better.  She commented off handedly that most kids there are Hunter students.  Frank’s daughter is attending Hunter, and both his kids are there too.  First thought came to my mind was, how do they go to school?  She laughed, “Mom, I’m sure they take bus or subway .. ”  “By themselves?”

“Ya, Mom, by themselves. .. that’s how city kids live.. .. without their parents following around .. ..”  A pause, then she said quietly, “I knew you’d stay for the first day.” It rained yesterday, so we didn’t go.  At that moment, I felt little naked and vulnerable, she’s no longer a little wa wa baby.  Do I still treat her as a baby?  Of course you’re not Mom!  Do I follow you around too much?  Not really.  She assured me.  “I know you want to know what’s going on … it’s great that you know what’s going on in the world …”  Last time we were in the city, downtown, saw few gay couples.  I said so, as matter of fact, we don’t see many in the burb.  She replied, “Mom, I notice that, of course .. .. I’m not that oblivious to the world around me.”  Oblivious?  Gosh, I just learned a new vocabulary, now I need to learn how to pronounce it.

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Sunny vs Simon

Last Thursday, Simon ran into Sunny at a restaurant, called me up half drunk, saying I need to show up early for work this weekend.  Sunny grabbed the phone mumbled something too.  Friday night I played with Simon, he explained soberly that they arranged a doubles, and Sunny needed me there early to warm up.  He’ll team with Sean against Sunny and Charlie.  Not sure who challenged who, Sunny never played Simon before.

We played 3 sets of doubles with Charlie and Albert.  I was the 3x loser, 6:3 with Charlie and with Sunny, 6:0 with Albert.  Sean is kind of nerdy, half the time as if he’s in the space, the other half came without etiquette, armed with funny strokes.  He consistently loses to Sunny but he’s the captain of 4.0 league and Sunny only plays on the 3.5 league.  Oh well.  Sunny must have ran out of things to tease me, so now is that I have a secret admirer, Sean.  Ok, the outcasts, nerds, dorks and geeks are my open admirers.  How charming and flattering, :))  Anyway, I played fine, didn’t get yelled at.  He talked throughout the match, which meant he’s happy, lol.  He told Charlie not to hit too hard, Charlie replied with his poker face, “she can take it.”  Oh boy, can I???  The match went to Sunny on Saturday and gone to Simon on Sunday.  So they made plan to play this Sunday.  The new rivalry is born, :).  Sunny told me that he and Charlie’s been kicking butts, beating many better players.  Simon is impressed with his forehand.

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Waldo in action

Waldo’s 2nd European tour in June was also a success.  Now he’s going to Japan next year.  “Not sure how many rock fans are in China…”  He played with Golfer yesterday; got up early this morning so we get to play singles.

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A big win and a big hairdo

As soon as I got on the court, I was tired.  My wrists are very sore, my legs weight ton.  Mark and I were warming up, my shots were everywhere but the court; then Irene L and Wah came.  I teamed up with Wah and had 4:0 lead when Wah decided that he’ll play with IL.

I had no idea how did I run.  But I did.   I had plenty mishits, and more than couple of double faults (grrrrrrrrrr), but Mark and I pushed them into tie break, eventually lost 7:5.  The 2nd set we won convincingly at 6:2.  I was more than pleased, for Wah plays on 4.0 league at USTA and IL’s forehand is formidable; her volley is good too.  Because I was so tired, so I used my brain to think a bit, 🙂  lots of lobs and overhead, and most of them were great.  Am I going to continuously play with my brain?  Hell, no, :)) .. I make everyone else look smart, :).

Last week, Andy tried to change my ground stroke (was hard!), and made comment about my persistence in staying at no man zone:

“When you play with 3.5 or lower, you could win by staying there, since they can’t hit deep anyway … but when you play with us, you’ve got to change.  We hit harder and deeper .. ”

That really makes sense.  Not that I’m trying to make an excuse for my lousy habit, just very glad to hear some pointers that’ll stick to my mind.  Hey, mister, got medicine for my grunt??  During a change over, Mark commented that Wah treats her well.  I agree.  I got the feeling that’s they against the rest of the world, which bound them together.

My greying hair must bother Mark very much, he lobbied me to dye/colour again. He’s been at it ever since we met couple of years ago. You’d think he owns a hair salon.  Hell, no, :), at least not yet. Sorry Mark, 女人四十烂茶渣  isn’t that right?

wenxue 男女之间的那点事 (2015-01-25 13:42:39) and Sina

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Gone swimming

Screenshot 2014-02-16 18.14.22

I finally made to the Parkwoods pool!  On a stolen moment between King’s camp and jazz band.  Few years ago, we stopped joining the pool during the summer.  Thing hasn’t changed much, except I found the notice at the entrance that a new water park is on the horizon: a lazy river (on the now the playground), water slide, … The construction is scheduled to start the day after the pool is closed, which is Aug 25 2007 and to be opened on July 1, 2008.  The project is funded by bond and increasing the real estate tax.

We started going there when they were toddlers.  King’s tall for his age, so he had no problem going to the main pool.  But Pumpkin’s short and younger, couldn’t make the cut despite she’s better swimmer.  For the first couple of years, we had to make a do in the toddler’s pool.  Some life guards would give her the courtesy and let her stay at the main pool but others won’t – especially duringon a slow time – which’s really hurt. 
I still remembered sat them both at the end of the lap pool, when it’s my time to do laps. Making sure their legs – more of feet – hang in the water so I could see their them when I flip turned.  They got kick out of it and splash the water lavishly and laughed every time I came around.  Lord, they grew up too fast!

The main pool has a section with 50 meters lanes, but is only open in the early morning to the master’s swimming club – with additional fee.  We’d going in early, surrounded by deadly tranquil environment, removing the dividers from the previous night to get the 50m lanes in place.  I wondered when the new pool is contracted, will there be a 50m lanes and what do they intend to use it for?  Shhhhsssish, frankly, I don’t really care about lazy river nor the water slide, but open up the 50m lanes during the public section would be a good idea.  Otherwise, why do they build it in the first place?

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On the way to her camp, the 93.6 FM played Carmen, arranged for a solo violist (forgot his name, lol) with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra,conducted by Claudio Abbado.  I thought about the East German figure skater Katarina Witt (where is she now?) who won her second gold medal on Carmen (long program) in 1988, worn a blood red dress.  That’s was one of the best performance.  It etchs to my mind so vividly and deep that every time when I hear the Carmen arias, Denyce Graves comes distance second.

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Which way?

Got up and left for tennis in a hurry, my brain was kind of dead, waiting for traffic light right before LIE, didn’t know which direction did I want, one place is toward West and 2 toward East.  Gosh .. but got a win over Andy, so I can spend my summer in peace, :).  Driving home I past by the pool, lord, haven’t set foot in there for few months!!  Got to find time go there before the summer ends!

FedEx got his 5th win, consecutively, at Wimbledon, cool.  Ok, great, :).  The trio at NBC (Mary, John n Bill?)  were saying that Wimbledon packaged the match between Sampras and FedEx in the 4th round back then and selling it, 5 sets, the win gone to the younger one. … Are they kidding?   

It’s been a pretty good week for me too, got 2 wins on Wednesday with Eric, one in particular was against Simon, 6:3.  .. Friends are coming for dinner, got to go now.

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