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Gone swimming

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I finally made to the Parkwoods pool!  On a stolen moment between King’s camp and jazz band.  Few years ago, we stopped joining the pool during the summer.  Thing hasn’t changed much, except I found the notice at the entrance that a new water park is on the horizon: a lazy river (on the now the playground), water slide, … The construction is scheduled to start the day after the pool is closed, which is Aug 25 2007 and to be opened on July 1, 2008.  The project is funded by bond and increasing the real estate tax.

We started going there when they were toddlers.  King’s tall for his age, so he had no problem going to the main pool.  But Pumpkin’s short and younger, couldn’t make the cut despite she’s better swimmer.  For the first couple of years, we had to make a do in the toddler’s pool.  Some life guards would give her the courtesy and let her stay at the main pool but others won’t – especially duringon a slow time – which’s really hurt. 
I still remembered sat them both at the end of the lap pool, when it’s my time to do laps. Making sure their legs – more of feet – hang in the water so I could see their them when I flip turned.  They got kick out of it and splash the water lavishly and laughed every time I came around.  Lord, they grew up too fast!

The main pool has a section with 50 meters lanes, but is only open in the early morning to the master’s swimming club – with additional fee.  We’d going in early, surrounded by deadly tranquil environment, removing the dividers from the previous night to get the 50m lanes in place.  I wondered when the new pool is contracted, will there be a 50m lanes and what do they intend to use it for?  Shhhhsssish, frankly, I don’t really care about lazy river nor the water slide, but open up the 50m lanes during the public section would be a good idea.  Otherwise, why do they build it in the first place?

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On the way to her camp, the 93.6 FM played Carmen, arranged for a solo violist (forgot his name, lol) with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra,conducted by Claudio Abbado.  I thought about the East German figure skater Katarina Witt (where is she now?) who won her second gold medal on Carmen (long program) in 1988, worn a blood red dress.  That’s was one of the best performance.  It etchs to my mind so vividly and deep that every time when I hear the Carmen arias, Denyce Graves comes distance second.

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