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Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Center
10333 Seminole Blvd.
Largo, fl 33778

TCM, the traditional Chinese medicine has been important part of my active life, after I settled down in USA. For my generation, we look down on it in China, or at least while I was living in Beijing before 1979.

I wasn’t athletic at all in Beijing but become one in the USA -:), and discover the magic touch of the TCM: acupuncture 针灸, tuina 推拿, position the bones 正骨 … they’re most effective when I sprained some part of my body.

My last suffering came in September 2022, a few days before our trip to Iceland and Arctic. When only 1.5 days left and I was still hurt, I rushed to see my dear Dr. Shi who fixed me up in two sessions, the 2nd session was only few hours before our flight.

So this time around, I asked Dr. Shi for referral and Dr. Tian came to my rescue.

The office on Seminole Boulevard is stale without any support staff, a truly one man office. But I’ve to wait because there is steady stream of patients, either it’s usual or because it was the first day after the long weekend. Two patients came after me but were seen before me: they’ve appointments, which I think it’s fair – good practice.


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Tian Fangran, UCLA

The noisy little Chinese girl (5’5″) won the NCAA championship at USTA in Orlando.

She’s from Beijing, Yuxin school in Changping District.

UCLA career highlights

• NCAA singles champion (2023)
• Pac-12 Freshman/Newcomer of the Year (2023)
• All-Pac-12 honoree (First Team – 2023)
• Pac-12 Player of the Week (April 18, 2023)
• Career-high ITA singles ranking: 14 (twice, last May 4, 2023)


Daughter of FangJin and TianSong … has one younger brother, Fang Tianyi … decided to attend UCLA because it upholds high academic standards and offers the chance to achieve high levels of athletic success … describes her greatest athletic thrill to date as representing home country China at the 2019 Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Finals in Orlando, Fla. … admires Simona Halep … hobbies and interests include reading and ice skating … aspires to be professional athlete … undeclared major.

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My first pickleball playoff

😊 made into my very first pickleball playoff: 16 players in seven rounds. I won 29 points (winning team awards the difference of the two scores; losing team receives 0). In the play off – the 8th round, three big boys took 🥇, silver and bronze medal 🥉 … little Irene left empty hand 😂 (wait a second – I can always change my gender … right? 😆 😂)

I played probably less than 10 times in total, even counting in the few times in new Yoek, and am still making elementary mistakes, like volley in the kitchen and hit a return without bouncing, … on top of it, my hitting arm is in pain. Having missed last tourney, I decided to play no matter what. (Not play, my ❤️ will be in pain … so two pains vs one pain, a simple math 🧮) Glad I did. A little improvement: can manage the scores without mistake 😊

Big hearty thanks to all my eight partners!

All have a great Memorial Day – very grateful to those who served!

The result

  • #1 Mary 11-0 vs Linda and Melany
  • #2 Angela 4-11, man n Mary
  • #3 Linda 5-11,  Bob n Angela
  • #4 Bob 12-10, Mary Marc
  • #5 Marc 10-2, Linda n guy
  • #6 Smallot 5-11, Melany and Bob
  • #7 Melany 11-4 Marc and Angela
    I won 29 points ⇑ before the playoffs ⇓
  • #8 John, 5-11, Bob & Wilson

打进第一个匹克球 (?) 决赛 [得意]
不打心会痛 所以 忍痛上阵[偷笑]
能够进决赛 狠高兴☺️
要求不高时时开心 [呲牙]

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NCAA 2023 @ USTA National Campus

10000 Usta Blvd
Orlando, FL 32827

Lake Nona Central, Lake Nona

A very nice tennis facility, now it also offers pickleball courts. The area is new and nicely planned, so is usta campus, which has five indoor courts at a near by building, a little walk from the main entrance/office. Plenty outdoor courts.

Wives’ resting place?

I often see humorous signs outside the jewelry, shoe or clothing stores. Today, the two of us are waiting – one of the rare moments, the wives are waiting for their husbands cloth shopping.

The on site retail store is decently stocked. I liked a Nike greenish skirt but they don’t have my size. I debated … and let go. I’ll find something that fits.


We came down here for the NCAA tennis semi final championships. Only an hour in, rain  came down. After the lunch, rain  pouring down again. Apparently, they played again out door briefly during our lunch. But after, they decided to move indoor.

The indoor courts has three tows of bleachers at one end, very limit space for spectators. NCAA limit the indoor to players, coaches and families. We went in anyway – we were perhaps the only one there.

The condition of the courts are great. The ponds do add charms to the compound.

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Stiff neck tennis 落枕后的网球

We sure do have many body parts lol … Can’t play but have to play, so it looks funny.

As it turned out, the pain stayed for a few weeks, till June 10, women’s final at French Open.

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Caricatures @ tennis parties

Back to USTA league era, the party organizers liked to invite this cartoon artist Dale Gladstone to do drawings. He came with a printer, so we could receive our portraits immediately. 

I had many made but apparently only kept two. On the back of 2011 print, he had Your Ad Here but non on 2013’s. Did he get enough business by then? I just remember he was a very calm man, without any expression. 

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How’s my forehand, after trying?

I win my points mostly rely on my backhand and serve – don’t really have a forehand. Now, my forehand is working and backhand is retreating: it seems I can’t have both. In any case, how’s my forehand? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


… and a few pix


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Overhaul my serve

I’d a bad fall on 3.31. After getting over it, I decided to overhaul my game, starting from the serve. Here is my progress:

I practiced serve before the match today at VL, the match went  


Served up a double that ultimately cost us the game. However, my forehand holds up just fine

Most suggestions on my serve is grip (continental), toss (in more).  So I went out and tried two days later (Thursday). Have I changed anything?

… and a few pix on Thursday, May 18. 


A beautiful day playing at VL

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L Xiaomi 6 from 2022, R Fitbit Inspire 3 fm 2023 

My kid asked if it’s time to get me a new pair of airpods, for Mother’s Day.

Yes my AirPods has stopped working but I said no. One, because I purchased a wireless headphone ($17.76 on 2023.5.15) with wire that holds two EarPods together. With AirPods, I worried to drop it and in fact, I did a few times as I was walking on the street. Two, I need a new swimming tracker – my Xiaomi had kaput, in less than a year.

So, FitBit Inspire 3 it is.

It looks and functions like Xiaomi. For charger, Xiaomi’s is much smaller and neater than the larger Fitbit’s. Of course I don’t know anything other than the look of the two chargers.

… but unfortunately, it’s bit too small for read and record.

So, I switch to Versa2. All is good and happy.

So, until mid April 2024. One day the Versa2 just dropped dead.

As Mother’s Day approaching, I thought, wait a second. This thing is not even a year old and is dead. So I went on FB, contacted Fitbit.

Long story short, they asked to see the receipt and replaced it. I received the replacement on April 24th, 2024. By now, FitBit is selling Versa4 at $200.

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Missed a slam

I got Karen to play and we teamed up. She’s a good player but doesn’t offer any opinion unless was asked.

Luckily, my hands have been good, and we made most of our biddings. It was so good, that I misplayed 2nd to the last card and missed a slam. This was 4 hand, and after 11 tricks has been played, my partner and I both had a . I should have used her A to trump. But instead I played her last ♠ when ♦ was led. One of the opponent’s ♦ was a little higher. What was I thinking??? Too relaxed and careless.

An interesting hand. The opponent to my right was the dealer and opened the bid with 1♦. I’ve six ♦ AK etc., with 13 points. So, I doubled him. The hand ended up in NT.

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