L Xiaomi 6 from 2022, R Fitbit Inspire 3 fm 2023 

My kid asked if it’s time to get me a new pair of airpods, for Mother’s Day.

Yes my AirPods has stopped working but I said no. One, because I purchased a wireless headphone ($17.76 on 2023.5.15) with wire that holds two EarPods together. With AirPods, I worried to drop it and in fact, I did a few times as I was walking on the street. Two, I need a new swimming tracker – my Xiaomi had kaput, in less than a year.

So, FitBit Inspire 3 it is.

It looks and functions like Xiaomi. For charger, Xiaomi’s is much smaller and neater than the larger Fitbit’s. Of course I don’t know anything other than the look of the two chargers.

… but unfortunately, it’s bit too small for read and record.

So, I switch to Versa2. All is good and happy.

So, until mid April 2024. One day the Versa2 just dropped dead.

As Mother’s Day approaching, I thought, wait a second. This thing is not even a year old and is dead. So I went on FB, contacted Fitbit.

Long story short, they asked to see the receipt and replaced it. I received the replacement on April 24th, 2024. By now, FitBit is selling Versa4 at $200.

As I’m taking the Red Cross June challenge 2024, I  realize that this isn’t the most realizable watch: it often just stops.

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